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Hello and Welcome to the new home of Funny Valentine Press, the home of Nostalgia Digest Magazine, the entertaining, educational quarterly magazine devoted to the “Golden Age” of radio, movies, music and television!


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The Summer 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest is back from the printer, and with a cover story about one of the 20th century's most beloved entertainers, the great Jackie Gleason! And of course, each issue contains a variety of articles about the "Golden Age" of entertainment--and a complete three-month schedule for our two weekly radio shows, Those Were the Days and Radio's Golden Age!

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At the beginning of 2012, in response to many requests, the Nostalgia Digest Podcast made its debut at this site! Devoted to people, performers, topics and shows that have been featured in the pages of Nostalgia Digest magazine, the Nostalgia Digest podcast lets you take the fun and memories of the Digest anywhere you go — and our new June Podcast is devoted to the life and career of the "Vagabond Lover" himself, radio pioneer Rudy Vallee. To download the June 2014 Podcast or to get our past Podcasts, click here or check us out at iTunes.

And if you missed our early Podcasts, we've made the first 12 (from 2012) available as mp3 files on a single compact disc — including our very first Podcast with Digest founder Chuck Schaden, our conversations with Rich "Svengoolie" Koz and Museum of Broadcast Communications president Bruce Dumont, and others devoted to people, performers, topics and shows that we've featured within the pages of Nostalgia Digest--including Eve Arden, Abbott and Costello, Vic and Sade, Gunsmoke, Sam Spade, Nero Wolfe and much more!

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Over the last year, thousands of old-time radio fans have turned out to hear Nostalgia Digest publisher and Those Were the Days host Steve Darnall talk about the Golden Age of Radio, sharing some stories and sound clips from some of the era's most memorable stars and shows! We have several such events planned for 2014 and we'll be listing them here and talking about them on our radio show. Hopefully we'll be in your neck of the woods before too long. (And if you'd like to book Steve Darnall to give a presentation to your group, click here).



If you're a member of the Facebook community, we invite you to join our Nostalgia Digest Facebook group. It's a chance to meet some like-minded listeners and get news, information, and pictures pertaining to Nostalgia Digest and our various radio shows Those Were the Days and Radio's Golden Age. We're at 1,100-plus members and counting, so you'll be in good company!

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