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Winter 2023 Program Highlights


THE SHADOW (12-24-39) “The Stockings Were Hung” starring Bill Johnstone as Lamont Cranston, with Marjorie Anderson as the lovely Margot Lane. The Shadow confronts a Scrooge-like businessman to help a newsboy’s family have a merry Christmas. Cast includes Keenan Wynn. MBS. (24 min)
LUX RADIO THEATER (12-22-47) “Miracle on 34th Street,” starring Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn and Natalie Wood in a radio adaptation of their 1947 film. Kris Kringle goes on trial to prove there really is a Santa Claus. Cast includes Alan Reed, Joseph Kearns, Bill Johnstone, Herb Butterfield. William Keighley hosts. Lux Soap, CBS. (16 min & 19 min & 24 min)
THIS IS YOUR FBI (12-23-49) “The Return of St. Nick” starring Stacy Harris as Agent Jim Taylor, who investigates when a local settlement house reports their Santa Claus has disappeared. Cast includes Victor Rodman, Peggy Webber. Larry Keating announces. Equitable Life Assurance Society, ABC. (29 min)
JUDY CANOVA SHOW (12-22-45) With Mel Blanc, Ruby Dandridge, Verna Felton, Joseph Kearns, the Sportsmen, Opie Cates and the Orchestra. Judy and her Aunt Agatha have arranged an old-fashioned Christmas party for their Brentwood society friends. Colgate-Palmolive, NBC. (30 min)
CBS RADIO WORKSHOP (12-23-56) “All is Bright” is the story of how “Silent Night” was written and became a famous carol. Cast includes Rudolf Weiss, Joseph Julian, Herb Dinkin. Sustaining, CBS. (25 min)


MATINEE WITH BOB AND RAY (12-24-48) It’s Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding from early in their careers, with organist Ken Wilson and pianist Bill Green. The duo eavesdrop on the station’s Christmas party and present “The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely.” Participating sponsors, WHDH. (30 min)
A CHRISTMAS CAROL (12-25-49) Lionel Barrymore stars as Ebenezer Scrooge in this adaptation of the classic story by Charles Dickens. A curmudgeonly miser discovers the spirit of Christmas. Cast includes Bill Johnstone, Shirley Mitchell, Byron Kane, Eric Snowden, Joseph Kearns, Alec Hartford, Shep Menken, Sylvia Sims, Jeffrey Silver, Mala Powers. Gene Baker announces. Sustaining, MBS. (30 min)
DUFFY’S TAVERN (12-22-48) Ed Gardner stars as Archie the manager, with Eddie Green as Eddie, Florence Halop as Miss Duffy, Charlie Cantor as Clifton Finnegan. Archie is unhappy about not getting a Christmas gift from Duffy when a stranger stops by the tavern. Cast includes Jeff Chandler. Bristol-Myers, NBC. (30 min)
SUSPENSE (12-21-53) “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” starring Greer Garson, with Anne Whitfield. A little girl waits for her parents to come home from Europe, but the plane carrying them has disappeared. Cast includes Harry Bartell, Herb Butterfield, Joseph Kearns, Howard McNear, Sidney Miller, Irene Tedrow, Charles Calvert. Harlow Wilcox announces. Auto-Lite, CBS. (30 min)
CHRISTMAS SING WITH BING (12-24-62) It’s Bing’s eighth annual Christmas Eve special, with announcer Ken Carpenter, Paul Weston and the Orchestra, The Boys Town Choir, Bing’s wife Kathryn and guests Rosemary Clooney and Johnny Mercer, who sings a Christmas-inspired version of “Glow Worm” and duets with Rosemary on “Here Comes Santa Claus.” Bing sings “Jingle Bells,’ “The Holly and the Ivy,” “White Christmas” and others. Insurance Companies of North America, CBS. (21 min and 28 min)


JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (12-31-47) Garry Moore and Red Skelton substitute for Jimmy, who is in the hospital for “repairs.” In a sketch, Junior, the Mean Little Kid is dressed as the New Year baby; later, he and Garry take part in a New Year’s Eve “opera.” With Peggy Lee, Candy Candido, Verna Felton, Roy Bargy and the Orchestra, announcer Howard Petrie. Rexall, NBC. (30 min)
HAROLD PEARY SHOW (12-27-50) Harold Peary stars as “Honest” Harold Hemp, who is planning to surprise his girlfriend by taking her to the town’s New Year’s barn dance. With Gloria Holliday, Olan Soule, Jane Morgan, Joseph Kearns, Parley Baer, Mary Jane Croft. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
BIG TOWN (12-28-48) “Dangerous Resolution” starring Edward Pawley as Steve Wilson, editor of The Illustrated Press, and Fran Carlon as reporter Lorelei Kilborn. A truck driver resolves to quit working for a notorious gangster so he can marry his girlfriend. Lifebuoy, NBC. (30 min)
LES ELGART AND HIS ORCHESTRA (12-31-64—1-1-65) A remote broadcast from the Grand Ballroom of the Sherman House in downtown Chicago, with announcer George Stone. The band plays “Auld Lang Syne,” “Why Don’t You Do Right?”, “You Made Me Love You” and others. NBC. (32 min)
GUEST STAR (1940s) “Time Is Sacred” starring Joan Leslie with Barton Yarborough, David Rose and the Orchestra. A man and woman are stuck in an elevator on New Year’s Eve. U.S. Treasury Department, Syndicated. (14 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (12-31-39) With Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Don Wilson, Dennis Day, Harry Baldwin, Mary Kelly. It’s New Year’s Eve and Jack has big plans. Jell-O, NBC. (30 min)


OUR MISS BROOKS (3-20-49) Eve Arden stars as Connie Brooks, with Gale Gordon as Principal Conklin, Jeff Chandler as Mr. Boynton, Dick Crenna as Walter Denton, Gloria McMillan as Harriet Conklin, Jane Morgan as Mrs. Davis, Leonard Smith as Stretch Snodgrass. Walter is worried when Harriet starts to receive poetry from an anonymous sender. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS. (30 min)
NBC UNIVERSITY THEATER (2-20-49) “Pride and Prejudice” starring Angela Lansbury as Elizabeth Bennett, in a radio adaptation of the classic story by Jane Austen. A young Englishwoman fends off the attentions of a proud, haughty nobleman. Cast includes Norma Varden, Leslie Dennison, Constance Cavendish, Tom McKee, Ben Wright, Naomi Stevens, Evan Thomas, Philip Friend. Sustaining, NBC. (29 min and 31 min).
YOUNG LOVE (7-18-49) Janet Waldo and Jimmy Lydon star as Janet and Larry, with John Heistand as Professor Mitchell, Jud Conlon’s Rhythmaires. Jimmy is forced to take a friend of his father’s to the school’s Sweetheart Dance. Cast includes Gil Stratton, Elvia Allman, Doris Singleton. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
DUFFY’S TAVERN (1-11-46) Starring Ed Gardner as Archie the Manager, with Eddie Green, Charlie Cantor as Finnegan, Sandra Gould as Miss Duffy and guest Larry Storch. Archie wants Duffy to finance a movie about his life story when Storch comes into the tavern looking for work. AFRS rebroadcast. (30 min)


SPEAKING OF RADIO (5-4-10) Steve Darnall’s conversation with Marsha Hunt, as she recalls her career in radio, movies, television and the stage. Recorded at Ms. Hunt’s home in Sherman Oaks, California. (33 min)Marsha Hunt died on September 7, 2022 at the age of 104.
SUSPENSE (10-16-47) “Self-Defense” starring Marsha Hunt, with Wally Maher, Joseph Kearns, Gerald Mohr. A woman is reunited with an old flame and plans to trick him into murdering her husband. Cresta Blanca Wines, CBS. (30 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (5-4-10) Part two of Steve Darnall’s conversation with actress Marsha Hunt. (28 min)
SMITHS OF HOLLYWOOD (3-21-47) With Harry von Zell as Bill Smith, Brenda Marshall as Nancy, Jan Ford as Bumps, Arthur Treacher as Uncle Cecil and guest Marsha Hunt. Uncle Cecil helps Marsha fix a flat tire and later accompanies her to a Hollywood party. Cast includes Herb Vigran, Lois Corbett. Announcer is Tyler McVey. Syndicated. (28 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (5-4-10) Part three of Steve Darnall’s conversation with actress Marsha Hunt. (17 min)
CAVALCADE OF AMERICA (10-22-45) “Johnny Comes Home” starring Robert Walker and Marsha Hunt. A veteran comes back to his home in Minnesota and starts a toy factory with the help of the Albert Lea Plan. Cast includes Howard McNear, Louise Erickson, Sidney Miller, Ken Peters. DuPont, NBC. (29 min)


ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE (6-27-48) “The Prodigal Daughter Caper” starring Howard Duff as Sam, with Sandra Gould as Bernadine. A woman from Sam’s past asks him to help her husband. Cast includes Mary Jane Croft, Elliott Lewis, William Conrad. Dick Joy announces. Wildroot Cream Oil, CBS. (30 min) Read the article about Howard Duff in the Winter 2023 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
HENRY MORGAN SHOW (4-4-50) With Arnold Stang, Art Carney, Pert Kelton, Jack Albertson. Morgan presents “Great Books That Everybody Has and Nobody Reads” and interviews a wrestler, “Gorgeous Carney.” Sustaining, NBC. (29 min)
ESCAPE (9-20-53) “The Log” starring Byron Kane, Lawrence Dobkin and Alan Reed in the story of a submarine on its last journey... and the captain who has plans for the ship. Cast includes Frank Gerstle, Kurt Martell, Eric Snowden, Richard Peel, WIlliam Conrad. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
SONGS BY SINATRA (12-11-46) With the Pied Pipers, Axel Stordahl and the Orchestra, announcer Dan Seymour and guest Fred Allen, who has written a new song. Frank sings “It’s All Over Now,” “Ole Buttermilk Sky,” “Among My Souvenirs” and others. Old Gold Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)
CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON (3-21-49) “The Black-and-White Pup” starring Paul Sutton as Sgt. Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police. Two thieves prepare to rob a store but first must steal two sled dogs as part of their plan. Quaker Puffed Wheat and Rice, ABC. (29 min)
ALAN YOUNG SHOW (5-2-47) Alan wants to marry Betty but his birth certificate states he’s only eleven years old. With Jim Backus as Hubert Updyke III, Hans Conried, Lou Krugman, announcer Jimmy Wallington. Bristol-Myers, NBC. (29 min)


BOSTON BLACKIE (8-25-48) Dick Kollmar stars as Blackie, with Maurice Tarplin as Inspector Faraday. A man makes a telephone call as part of a scheme to poison his wife. Cast includes Joan Alexander. Champagne Velvet Beer, Syndicated. (30 min)
CLAUDIA (10-7-48) Kathryn Bard is Claudia, with Paul Crabtree as David, who hears a strange noise on the telephone and decides to repair it himself. Announcer is Joe King. Coca-Cola, Syndicated. (14 min)
LIFE WITH LUIGI (2-6-49) J. Carroll Naish stars as Luigi, with Alan Reed as Pasquale, Hans Conried as Schultz, Jody Gilbert as Rosa, Mary Shipp as Miss Spaulding. Luigi must go to the telephone company to dispute a charge. Wrigley’s Gum, CBS. (30 min)
NIGHTBEAT (7-31-50) “The City at Your Fingertips” starring Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone, nightbeat reporter for the Chicago Star. Randy dials a phone number at random and reaches a woman who is about to be murdered. Wheaties, NBC. (29 min)
VIC AND SADE (11-29-45) Art van Harvey is Vic, Bernardine Flynn as Sade, Bill Idelson as Rush and Clarence Hartzell as Uncle Fletcher. The house is getting a surprising number of phone calls for Uncle Fletcher. Oxydol, CBS. (14 min)
FATHER KNOWS BEST (2-4-54) Robert Young stars as Jim Anderson, with Jean VanderPyl, Rhoda Williams, Ted Donaldson, Helen Strome, Virginia Gregg. Chaos ensues when the Andersons’ phone is switched to a party line. Bill Forman announces. Sustaining, NBC. (29 min)
MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER (9-1-46) “No One on the Line” starring Ted Osborne and Mary Jane Higby, with Maurice Tarplin as the Mysterious Traveler. A series of strange phone calls leads a man to suspect his wife is having an affair. Sustaining, MBS. (29 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-1-48) With Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Don Wilson, Frank Nelson and guests Ronald and Benita Colman. Jack and Mary attend the premiere of Ronald Colman’s new film A Double Life. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC. (27 min)
DAY IN THE LIFE OF DENNIS DAY (10-3-46)First show of the series, with Sharon Douglas, Herb Vigran, announcer Verne Smith and guests Don Wilson and Jack Benny, who give Dennis a send-off. Jack has a dream in which he is an unknown and Dennis a star. Colgate, NBC. (29 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-31-33) With Mary Livingstone, James Melton, announcer Howard Claney, Blanche Stewart, Frank Black and the Orchestra. The cast does a parody of Mae West’s film She Done Him Wrong. Chevrolet, NBC. (28 min)
JAMES MELTON SHOW (1-27-46) With Ed Wynn, Anna Mary Dickey, the Lyn Murray choir, David Broekman and the Orchestra. Wynn presents a comical summary of Faust; James sings “Symphony” and “Elegy.” AFRS rebroadcast. (30 min)
DICK HAYMES SHOW (12-18-47) With Martha Tilton, Gordon Jenkins and the Orchestra, Cliff Arquette as Mrs. Wilson and guest Jack Benny, who asks about getting a job on Dick’s show and plays “Love in Bloom” with the orchestra. Dick sings “Of Thee I Sing” and “Golden Earrings.” Announcer is Frank Martin. Auto-Lite, CBS. (30 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (10-30-49) With Mary, Don, Phil, Dennis, Rochester, Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson and guest Frank Sinatra. Jack presents “The Don Wilson Story” in honor of Don’s 25th anniversary in radio; Frank sings “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby.” Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-8-48) With Mary Livingstone, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Don Wilson. Jack and the gang offer their version of Tyrone Power’s new film Nightmare Alley. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC. (27 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (5-18-34) With Mary, Frank Parker, Don Wilson, Don Bestor and the Orchestra. Jack is running late and takes a taxi to the studio. Later, Frank Parker invites Jack and Mary to his house. General Tire, NBC. (19 min)
BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW (5-29-40) With Frank Parker, Ray Noble and the Orchestra, Mary Kelly, Elliott Lewis, announcer Truman Bradley, The cast is back from Omaha, where Gracie accepted the nomination for president from the Surprise Party. Frank sings “Yours is My Heart Alone.” Hinds Lotion, CBS. (30 min)
SEALTEST VARIETY THEATER (12-9-48) Dorothy Lamour stars, with announcer Carlton Kadell, the Crew Chiefs, Henry Russell and the Orchestra, Lou Merrill and guests Jack Benny and George Murphy. Jack talks to Dorothy about the sneak preview for her new film The Lucky Stiff, which Jack produced. Sealtest, NBC. (30 min)
BING CROSBY SHOW (2-12-53) Broadcasting from Palm Springs, with announcer Ken Carpenter, John Scott Trotter and the Orchestra, Jud Conlon’s Rhythmaires and guests Jack Benny and Joe Venuti. Jack is worried about his upcoming surprise birthday party. General Electric, CBS. (29 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-15-53) From Palm Springs, California, with Mary, Don, Rochester, Bob Crosby and guest Bing Crosby, substituting for Dennis Day. Jack and the gang present “The Life of Bing Crosby.” Bing sings “Open Up Your Heart” and duets with his brother Bob on “Way Back Home.” Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-15-48) With Mary, Don, Phil, Dennis, Rochester, Mel Blanc, Verna Felton. The Beverly Hills Beavers are planning a surprise party for Jack’s birthday, but it turns out the members of Jack’s cast have similar plans. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC. (27 min)
JUBILEE (4-19-43) Ernie “Bubbles” Whitman is master of ceremonies, with Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra, Ivie Anderson, Lee Young, Jack Benny and Eddie “Rochester” Anderson. Rochester calls Jack for money so he and Louis can go on a double-date. Armstrong sings “On the Sunny Side of the Street” and “Ol’ Man Mose.” AFRS. (30 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-20-38) With Mary, Phil, Don, Rochester, Kenny Baker, Andy Devine, Sam Hearn. Jack has borrowed Kenny’s suitcase as he prepares for a trip to New York. Kenny sings “I See Your Face Before Me.” Jell-O, NBC. (30 min)
GLAMOUR MANOR (1-29-47) Kenny Baker stars, with Sam Hearn as Schlepperman, Barbara Eiler, announcer Don Wilson. Kenny must pay back a loan and hopes to get some money from Jack. Kenny sings “Zippety Doo Dah.” Crisco, Ivory Soap, ABC. (29 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (4-25-48) With Mary, Phil, Rochester, Don, Dennis, Mel Blanc and guests Ronald Colman and Dorothy Kirsten, who joins the Sportsmen for a singing commercial. Jack is trying to avoid Colman after losing his Oscar. Dennis sings “Nature Boy.” Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC. (27 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-7-54) From New York, with Rochester, Don Wilson, Mel Blanc, Jackson Beck and guests Gisele MacKenzie, Frank Fontaine and the singers from Your Hit Parade. Jack prepares for a date with Gisele, who sings “Young at Heart.” Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-22-48) Broadcasting from Palm Springs, with Mary Livingstone, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Don Wilson, Dennis Day, Frank Nelson, Artie Auerbach as Mr. Kitzel, guest Frank Sinatra. Jack is having a house built in Palm Springs and invites the gang to see it. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC. (27 min)
DENNIS DAY SHOW (10-10-54) With Robert Armbruster and the Orchestra, announcer Jimmy Wallington and guests Peggy Lee and Willard Waterman, radio’s Great Gildersleeve. Peggy sings “Ac-cen-tu-ate the Positive” and helps Dennis incorporate music into other radio shows; Gildersleeve seeks advice on how to become a singer. NBC. (28 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (11-12-44) Broadcasting from Muroc Dry Lake Army Air Base in California, with Mary, Phil, Rochester, Don and singer Larry Stevens, making his second appearance on the Benny show. Mary reads a letter from her mother. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)
CAMPBELL PLAYHOUSE (3-24-40) “June Moon” starring Jack Benny in a radio adaptation of the hit play by George S. Kaufman and Ring Lardner. An ambitious songwriter from Schenectady goes to New York City with plans to compose a hit song. Orson Welles hosts, with Benny Rubin, Bea Benaderet, Lee Patrick, Virginia Gordon. Ernest Chappell announces. Campbell Soup, CBS. (28 min and 31 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (11-28-54) With Don, Dennis, Rochester, Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet, Hy Averback. Jack decides to take Dennis to a psychiatrist. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (26 min)


INNER SANCTUM (5-1-45) “The Girl and the Gallows” starring Wendy Barrie, with Larry Haines. A young woman meets her father’s fiancee, who makes a strange prophecy. Raymond Edward Johnson (as “Raymond”) hosts. Lipton Tea and Soup, CBS. (29 min)
COMEDY CARAVAN (3-31-44) Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore star, with Georgia Gibbs, Roy Bargy and the Orchestra, announcer Howard Petrie. Jimmy and Garry present a sketch about the circus, “Life Under the Big Top.” AFRS rebroadcast. (29 min)
FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY (8-24-54) Jim and Marian Jordan are the McGees, with Bill Thompson as The Old-Timer, Arthur Q. Bryan as Dr. Gamble. The McGees invite the Old-Timer to dinner for his birthday. Cast includes Jack Kruschen. Tums, NBC. (14 min)
BOLD VENTURE (1950s) Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall star as Slate Shannon and Sailor Duval, with Jester Hairston as King Moses. A young woman leaves an envelope with Slate that puts him on the trail of a ship containing illicit drugs. Cast includes Lou Krugman, William Conrad. Log Cabin White Bread, Syndicated. (29 min)
BILL STERN SPORTS NEWSREEL (5-19-50) The celebrated sportscaster welcomes baseball star Ted Williams, who tells a story about an unusual pitcher who was scouted by the Boston Red Sox. Colgate Shave Cream, NBC. (15 min)
COMMAND PERFORMANCE #98 (Recorded 12-20-43) Fred Allen is master of ceremonies in a show from New York, with Ginny Simms, Lauritz Melchior, Gypsy Rose Lee, The Golden Gate Quartet, Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, announcer Paul Douglas. Melchior sings “The Star” and imitates Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra; Gypsy agrees to kiss a soldier in the audience. AFRS. (30 min)


OLD GOLD COMEDY THEATER (10-29-44) “The Palm Beach Story” starring Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea in a radio adaptation of their 1941 film. When an inventor needs cash, his wife decides to help by divorcing him and marrying someone with money. Harold Lloyd hosts the first show of the series. Old Gold Cigarettes, NBC. (28 min) Read the article about Claudette Colbert in the Winter 2023 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (1-28-40) “Private Worlds” starring Claudette Colbert, Charles Boyer and Isabel Jewell in a radio adaptation of the 1935 film. Colbert and Boyer reprise their original roles as a female psychiatrist and the new supervisor with whom she clashes. Roger Pryor hosts, with announcer John Conte and Oscar Bradley and the Orchestra. Gulf Oil, CBS. (30 min)
LUX RADIO THEATER (3-20-39) “It Happened One Night” starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, with Walter Connolly and Roscoe Karns in a radio adaptation of their 1934 film, about a runaway heiress and the newspaper reporter who helps her run. Cast includes Frank Nelson, Lou Merrill, Walter Tetley, John Gibson, Chester Klute, Eddie Waller. Cecil B. DeMille hosts. Lux Soap, CBS. (19 min & 20 min & 21 min)
SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (1-13-50) “Tomorrow is Forever” starring Claudette Colbert in a radio adaptation of her 1946 film, directed by Irving Pichel. A soldier who was listed as dead during the World War returns with a new face and learns his wife has re-married. Cast includes Jeff Chandler, John McIntyre, William Lally, Frank Barton. Jimmy Wallington announces. RCA Victor, NBC. (30 min)
HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE (1-5-50) “The Egg and I” starring Claudette Colbert, re-creating her role in the 1947 film, based on the novel by Betty McDonald. A couple from the city move to the country and buy a chicken farm. Cast includes Frank Nelson, Verna Felton. James Hilton hosts. Hallmark Cards, CBS. (30 min)


MA PERKINS #720 (1939) An isolated episode of the series, with Virginia Payne as Ma, Rita Ascot as Faye, Murray Forbes as Willy. Faye is upset that Paul Henderson hasn’t proposed to her. Oxydol, NBC. (14 min)
RED SKELTON SHOW (11-5-46) With Verna Felton, Pat McGeehan, Gigi Pearson, Wonderful Smith, Anita Ellis, David Forrester and the Orchestra, announcer Rod O’Connor. The Skelton Scrapbook of Satire addresses photography, with Red as Willy Lump-Lump and Junior, the Mean Little Kid. Raleigh Cigarettes, NBC. (28 min)
TWO THOUSAND PLUS (5-4-51) “The Unknown Planet” is the story of a spaceship from Earth that lands on a planet where the beings appear to be remarkably similar to humans. Cast: Lon Clark, Wendell Holmes, Ken Williams, Greg Morton, Gil Mack, Bill Griffiths. Sustaining, MBS. (28 min)
ALDRICH FAMILY (1940s) Norman Tokar is Henry, with Jackie Kelk as Homer, House Jamison and Katharine Raht as Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich. Henry and Homer are convinced their bicycles have been stolen, unaware that their fathers have borrowed them. AFRS rebroadcast. (25 min)
WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (1939) “Milkman’s Night Out” tells the story of a Kansas City milkman who takes his girlfriend and her brother to a nightclub, where a man is killed. Dari-Rich, Syndicated. (14 min)
KRAFT MUSIC HALL (9-30-48) Al Jolson stars, with Oscar Levant, Lou Bring and the Orchestra and chorus, announcer Ken Carpenter and guest Judy Garland. Al sings “Poor Butterfly,” “When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin’ Along,” “When I Lost You” and others; Judy sings “Johnny One Note” and joins Al for a duet on “Pretty Baby.” Kraft, NBC. (30 min)
DRAGNET (2-9-50) Jack Webb stars as Sgt. Joe Friday, with Barton Yarborough as Sgt. Ben Romero. The police investigate a series of robberies and beatings that appears to have perpetrated by a woman. Cast includes Harry Bartell, Vic Perrin, Virginia Gregg, Herb Butterfield. Fatima Cigarettes, NBC. (28 min)


MR. KEEN, TRACER OF LOST PERSONS (10-27-49) “The Case of the Ruthless Murderer” starring Bennett Kilpack as Mr. Keen, with Jim Kelly as Mike Clancy. A convict who once swore revenge on Mr. Keen is released from prison and immediately becomes a murder suspect. Anacin, Kolynos, CBS. (30 min)
BOB AND RAY (8-18-59) “Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding Present the CBS Radio Network.” Biff Burns talks with a college football coach; a member of the audience plays “One Minute, Please”; a performance by Miguel Honduras, the slack-rope walker. Sustaining, CBS. (15 min) Read the article about Bob and Ray in the Winter 2023 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
SPEAKING OF RADIO (8-15-22) Steve Darnall’s conversation with actor and writer Chris Elliott, speaking by telephone from his home in Maine as he discusses his television career, the work of his father Bob Elliott and the comedy of Bob and Ray. (26 min)
BOB AND RAY (11-20-56) Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding present a program of comedy and records. Bob and Ray present “Meet the People”; a visit from Dr. Rupert Llewellyn Hume; audience members share unusual items; an episode of “The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely.” George Putnam announces. Participating sponsors, MBS. (30 min and 15 min)
MAN CALLED X (12-7-47) “Shipment Condemned” starring Herbert Marshall as Ken Thurston, with Leon Belasco as Pagan Zeldschmidt. Ken travels to Uruguay when a shipment of canned meat intended for European relief is found to be spoiled. Cast includes Harry Bartell, Cathy Lewis, William Conrad, Peter Leeds. Announcer is Wendell Niles. Frigidaire, CBS. (25 min)

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