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Winter 2015 Program Highlights


A CHRISTMAS CAROL (12-25-49) Lionel Barrymore stars as Ebenezer Scrooge, continuing the radio tradition he began fifteen years earlier. It’s Charles Dickens’ famous story about a miser who learns about the spirit of Christmas. Narrated by Bill Johnstone, with Shirley Mitchell, Byron Kane, Eric Snowden, Joseph Kearns. Capehart Radio and Television Dealers, MBS. (30 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 23. Paddy O’Cinnamon gets stuck in a pile of Christmas stickers. (13 min)
CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW (12-19-48) With Don Ameche, Marsha Hunt, Pat Patrick as Ercil Twing, Ray Noble and the Orchestra, and guest Mario Lanza, who sings “The Lord’s Prayer.” Edgar Bergen and Charlie tell a Christmas story; Ameche and Hunt perform a Bickersons sketch. Chase and Sanborn, NBC. (28 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 24. Judy, Jimmy and Paddy O’Cinnamon attend the Christmas Tree Parade. (13 min)
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (12-20-59) “The Red Mystery Matter” stars Bob Bailey as the man with the action-packed expense account, who receives a troubling call from an old friend at Christmas time. Cast: Lawrence Dobkin, Forrest Lewis, Alan Reed, Barney Phillips. Participating sponsors, CBS. (25 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 25. Captain Tin Top has returned the Silver Star, only for the Crazy Quilt dragon to steal it! (13 min)
RUDY VALLEE SHOW (12-24-46) With Bennie Krueger and the Orchestra, announcer Ken Niles, the Bob Mitchell Choir, and guest Loretta Young, who reads Charles Tazewell’s story, The Littlest Angel. The Choir sings “The First Noel.” Philip Morris Cigarettes, NBC. (28 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 26. The final chapter of the adventure. Will Judy and Jimmy finally get the Silver Star back for their Christmas tree? (13 min)


ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (12-26-48) Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard star, with John Brown, Janet Waldo, Joseph Kearns, Henry Blair, Tommy Bernard. Ozzie recalls a winter when his father assured the family that it would snow. Verne Smith announces. International Silver, NBC. (29 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (12-26-38) “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” a radio version of Walt Disney’s classic 1937 film, with the voices of Roy Atwell as Doc, Billy Gilbert as Sneezy, Stuart Buchanan as Grumpy and Moroni Olson as the Magic Mirror, all re-creating their roles from the original animated movie. Cecil B. DeMille hosts, with a guest appearance by Walt Disney. Lux Soap, CBS. (27 min & 13 min & 20 min)
FRED ALLEN SHOW (12-28-47) With Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, Kenny Delmar, Peter Donald, Parker Fennelly, the DeMarco Sisters, Al Goodman and the Orchestra, and guest Monty Woolley, who is looking to exchange a defective cuckoo clock. The Allen’s Alley question: “What is the outstanding event of 1947?” Blue Bonnet Margarine, Tender Leaf Tea, NBC. (29 min)
DR. CHRISTIAN (1-9-38) Jean Hersholt stars as Dr. Christian in the tenth program of the series, with Rosemary DeCamp as nurse Judy Price. In a story that takes place on New Year’s Eve, Dr. Christian treats the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Vaseline, CBS. (30 min)
RAILROAD HOUR (12-28-53) It’s a “Review of the Year,” starring Gordon MacRae in a look back at some of the show’s musical highlights from the previous year. With guest Dorothy Kirsten, the Norman Luboff Choir, and Carmen Dragon and His Orchestra, and a special appearance by the “Dean of American Musical playwrights,” Otto Harbach. Marvin Miller announces. American Association of Railroads, NBC. (29 min)


ADVENTURES BY MORSE (3-18-44) “A Coffin For the Lady” is a three-part adventure written and directed by Carlton E. Morse, with Elliott Lewis as Capt. Bart Friday and Jack Edwards as Skip Turner. An intelligence mission on the Canadian Pacific Coast leads to Friday and Turner rescuing a pretty woman dressed in men’s clothes. Syndicated. (26 min)
A DATE WITH JUDY (6-23-42) Dellie Ellis (later known as Joan Lorring) stars as Judy Foster, with Louise Erickson as Mitzi, Dix Davis as Randolph, Lou Merrill and Bea Benaderet as Mr. and Mrs. Foster. Judy is despondent when her date for the sorority dance cancels. Larry Keating announces. Pepsodent, NBC. (29 min)
ADVENTURES BY MORSE (3-25-44) Chapter two of “A Coffin For the Lady” is “The Conversation in the Casket.” As dusk settles on Port Lancer, Friday and Turner have been captured and Judith Wright has been placed in a coffin! Syndicated. (26 min)
MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE (5-26-51) Monte Woolley stars as Edwin Montague, with Anne Seymour as wife Lily and Pert Kelton as Agnes, who plan a surprise birthday party for Edwin. Cast: Art Carney, John Gibson, John Griggs. Announcer is Don Pardo. Sustaining, NBC. (27 min)
ADVENTURES BY MORSE (4-1-44) “The Deepest Grave in the World” is the third and final chapter of “A Coffin for the Lady.” Syndicated. (26 min)


COMMAND PERFORMANCE (recorded 12-16-44) Bing Crosby and Bob Hope co-host, with announcer Ken Carpenter, The Andrews Sisters, Stan Kenton, Anita O’Day, and Lauren Bacall. The Andrews Sisters sing “Rum and Coca-Cola” and join Bing for “Don’t Fence Me In”; Bing and Bob both want to date Lauren. AFRS. (29 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (10-14-46) A rehearsal for “To Have and Have Not” starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Bogart and Bacall re-create their roles in the 1944 movie, a tale of intrigue, passion... and murder. William Keighley hosts; announcer is John Milton Kennedy. Lux Soap, CBS. (19 min & 13 min & 21 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (1-5-47) It’s the first show of the new year. Jack recalls how he got tickets for the Rose Bowl Game, while Mary tells the story of how Humphrey Bogart showed up for Jack’s rehearsal with guest Lauren Bacall. With Mary Livingstone, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Artie Auerbach. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC. (28 min)
BOLD VENTURE (1951) Humphrey Bogart stars as Slate Shannon, with Lauren Bacall as Sailor Duval, who gets a surprise when a stranger shows up at Slate’s Havana hotel, claiming to be her husband. Cast includes Jester Hairston as King Moses. Syndicated. (27 min)
OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be film historian BOB KOLOSOSKI, who will talk about the career of Lauren Bacall, who died on August 12, 2014. Read the article about Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.


BILL STERN SPORTS NEWSREEL (11-9-45) The famous sportscaster tells a story of the Army/Navy football game and welcomes bandleader Tommy Dorsey, who shares a story about singer Geraldine Ferrar. Colgate, NBC. (15 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (5-15-14) Steve Darnall’s telephone conversation with singer Monica Lewis, who talks about her career in radio, television and the stage. Recorded by Kathy Dunaj at Sound Video Impressions in Des Plaines, IL. (39 min) Read an excerpt from this conversation in the Winter 2015 Nostalgia Digest.
SPIKE JONES SHOW (2-20-49) From Atlanta, with the City Slickers. Guests are pianist Alec Templeton and singer Monica Lewis, who sings “The Tree With the Red, Red Leaves.” The City Slickers play “Is It True What They Say About Dixie?” and Doodles Weaver (as Professor Feedlebaum) sings “Powder Your Face With Sunshine.” Coca-Cola, CBS. (30 min)
MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER (2-24-48) “The Man Who Died Twice” starring Art Carney as a man convicted of murder who tells a remarkable story to the judge who sentenced him. With Elspeth Eric, Frank Behrens, Jackson Beck, and Maurice Tarplin as the Mysterious Traveler. Sustaining, MBS. (29 min)
BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW (8-22-44) With Bill Goodwin, Elvia Allman, singer Jimmy Cash, Felix Mills and the Orchestra, and guest Van Johnson. Gracie is scheduled to perform at the Hollywood Canteen when Van develops a crush on her. AFRS rebroadcast. (27 min)
RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE (3-26-50) Dick Powell stars as Diamond, who receives a mysterious card from a sidewalk photographer. Cast includes Ed Begley, Wilms Herbert, Frances Robinson, Byron Kane, Jack Kruschen, Tony Barrett, Jeanne Bates. Sustaining, NBC. (29 min)


CALLING ALL CARS (12-11-34) “A Cup of Coffee, Some Strychnine and You,” a true-crime story narrated by Frederick Lindsley. A rural community is shocked when a young man dies at a school dance. The police learn the man was poisoned. Rio Grande Oil Co., CBS. (29 min)
KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1-29-48) Al Jolson stars, with Oscar Levant, Lou Bring and the Orchestra, announcer Ken Carpenter, and guest Walter O’Keefe, who joins Al for a “Serenade to Bing Crosby.” Al sings “Alabammy Bound,” “Mandy,” and “People Will Say We’re in Love.” Kraft, NBC. (30 min)
THE SAINT (7-31-49) Vincent Price stars as Simon Templar, who makes a stopover in a western town and received an unfriendly welcome from several of the town’s residents. Cast includes Harry Bartell, Barney Phillips, Colleen Collins, Fred Howard, Tony Barrett. Sustaining, MBS. (25 min)
DUFFY’S TAVERN (5-4-49) Starring Ed Gardner as Archie the Manager, with Eddie Green as Eddie, Charles Cantor as Finnegan, Florence Halop as Miss Duffy, and guest Charles Coburn. Archie wants Coburn to work as a “front man” for the tavern. Ipana, Vitalis, NBC. (29 min) Read the article about Duffy’s Tavern in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
SUSPENSE (4-20-44) “The Palmer Method” starring Ed Gardner as a forger on the lam who flees the country and signs up to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Cast includes Jerry Hausner, John McIntyre, Hans Conried, Jeanette Nolan, with Joseph Kearns as the Man in Black. Roma Wines, CBS. (29 min)
SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (6-9-50) “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” starring Cary Grant in a radio version of the 1948 RKO film, “a tale of architecture and apoplexy” about a couple from the city who attempt to build a house in the country. RCA Victor, NBC. (30 min)


QUIET, PLEASE (1-2-49) “The Time of the Big Snow” starring Ernest Chappell, with Abby Lewis, Sarah Fussell, Cecil Roy, Vicki Vola. A story of two children who get lost in the snow and encounter a strange woman. Written and directed by Willis Cooper. Sustaining, MBS. (30 min)
FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY (1-27-42) Jim and Marian Jordan star as the McGees, with Bill Thompson, Gale Gordon, Isabel Randolph, Frank Nelson, Harlow Wilcox, The King’s Men, Billy Mills and the Orchestra. During the worst blizzard in years, a representative of the governor arrives with a special message for Fibber. Johnson’s Wax, NBC. (29 min)
LET GEORGE DO IT (1950s) “Red Spots in the Snow” stars Bob Bailey as George Valentine with Virginia Gregg as Claire Brooks. George and Brooksie travel to a ski lodge to protect a movie director who has received a death threat. Cast includes Lawrence Dobkin. Syndicated. (28 min)
CLAUDIA (12-13-48) Kathryn Bard as Claudia, Paul Crabtree as David, who go sledding after a heavy snowfall. Coca-Cola, Syndicated. (14 min)
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (11-25-53) Willard Waterman stars as Gildy, with Walter Tetley as Leroy, Lillian Randolph as Birdie, Dick Legrand as Peavey, Cathy Lewis as Irene Henshaw, Veola Vonn as May. On a snowy afternoon, Gildy makes plans for a romantic dinner. Kraft Foods, NBC. (30 min)
ESCAPE (9-13-53) “The Abominable Snowman” is the story of a Sherpa who leads an expedition into the Himalayan Mountains in pursuit of a Yeti. Cast: William Conrad, Hy Averback, Anthony Barrett, Jack Kruschen, Edgar Barrier. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-6-55) With Mary Livingstone, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Bob Crosby, the Sportsmen Quartet, Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc. Jack must go to the doctor for a physical when his sponsor buys him a life insurance policy. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-28-37) A milestone broadcast, as Eddie Anderson makes his first appearance on the Benny show. Jack and the gang are on the train from New York to Hollywood. With Mary, Don, Phil Harris, Kenny Baker, Andy Devine, Verna Felton, Benny Rubin. Jell-O, NBC. (29 min) Read the article about Eddie “Rochester” Anderson in The Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
GLAMOUR MANOR (10-3-46) Kenny Baker stars, with Sam Hearn, Barbara Eiler, announcer Don Wilson, and guest Jack Benny. Kenny owes money to his aunt and decides to borrow it from Jack. Crisco, Ivory Snow, ABC. (28 min)
SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (10-20-40) Roger Pryor hosts, with Jack Benny, Claudette Colbert, Edward Arnold, Basil Rathbone, Ernst Lubitsch, announcer Bud Heistand. Roger recalls Jack’s efforts to appear on the show by contacting all of the other stars scheduled to appear. Gulf Oil, CBS. (30 min)
JUBILEE #21 (4-19-43) Ernie Whitman is master of ceremonies, with Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra, singer Ivie Anderson, Lee Young, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, and Jack Benny. Louis sings “On the Sunny Side of the Street”; in a sketch, Louis and Rochester have a double date, but Rochester needs to call Jack Benny and collect his back salary. Ivie sings “Stormy Weather.” AFRS. (30 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (10-17-43) Broad casting from New York, with Mary, Dennis, Phil, Don, Rochester, John Brown, Jackson Beck, Minerva Pious. During an interview about his recent tour overseas for the troops, Jack recalls his adventures in Casablanca. Rochester sings “As Time Goes By.” Grape-Nuts Flakes, NBC. (29 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-13-55) In a flashback to the year before, Jack’s cast and the Beverly Hills Beavers are planning a surprise party for Jack’s birthday. With Mary, Dennis, Don, Rochester, Mel Blanc, Verna Felton. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (26 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (6-6-37) With Mary, Phil, Kenny, Don. Jack is upset because he’s lost the watch Phil gave him for Christmas, and it’s returned by Eddie Anderson, making his second appearance on the Benny show. The gang performs a sketch, “Death at Midnight.” Jell-O, NBC. (29 min)
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW (2-13-49) With Elliott Lewis as Frankie, Walter Tetley as Julius, Jeanine Roos, Anne Whitfield, Hal March, Jack Mather. Phil’s curiosity is piqued when a bouquet of flowers arrives at the house for Alice. Alice sings “Skip to My Lou”; Phil sings “Minnie the Mermaid.” Rexall, NBC. (29 min)
SUSPENSE (5-10-51) “Death on My Hands” starring Phil Harris and Alice Faye in the story of a young girl’s accidental death and a traveling musician’s attempt to escape a lynch mob. With Joseph Kearns, Herb Butterfield, Gil Stratton Jr., Barbara Whiting, Jerry Hausner, Byron Kane. Harlow Wilcox announces. Auto-Lite, CBS. (29 min)
MAIL CALL #94 (recorded 6-2-44) Mistress of ceremonies Dinah Shore hosts a salute to GIs from Georgia, with the help of Bob Hope, Maria Montez, Carlos Ramirez, the Pied Pipers, Mel Blanc, and Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, who joins Hope and Blanc for a sketch based on Robinson Crusoe. Dinah sings “Georgia on My Mind.” AFRS. (30 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-14-43) From Toronto, Canada, it’s Jack’s first broadcast from outside the United States, with Don, Dennis, Mary, Rochester, and Alan McIver and his All-Canadian Orchestra. The cast wish Jack a happy birthday; Dennis tries to guess Jack’s age and sings “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To.” Grape-Nuts, NBC. (28 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-20-55) Jack goes to see the Beverly Hills Beavers, who have staged their own version of the Benny show. With Mary, Don, Dennis, Bob, Rochester, The Sportsmen. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (26 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (6-20-37) The gang visits Jack on the set at Paramount Pictures, where he’s filming Artists and Models. With Mary, Phil, Kenny, Don, Andy Devine, and Eddie Anderson, appearing as Jack’s valet Rochester for the first time. Jell-O, NBC. (29 min)
GI JOURNAL #87 (recorded 4-23-45) Jack Benny is editor-in-chief, with Paulette Goddard, Ginny Simms, Mel Blanc, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, and Arthur Treacher, who has taken Rochester’s place as Jack’s butler. AFRS. (30 min)
DENNIS DAY SHOW (1-16-55) A comedy-variety show, with announcer Jimmy Wallington and guests Jack Benny and Margaret Truman. In a sketch, Jack and Dennis perform a parody of Queen For a Day; later, Jack takes a violin lesson with Professor LeBlanc’s brother (played by Dennis). Dennis sings “Falling in Love With Love” and “Y’all Come” with Jack and Margaret. Nutri-Lite, NBC. (29 min)
FRED ALLEN SHOW (6-8-47) With Portland Hoffa, Kenny Delmar, Parker Fennelley, Minerva Pious, Peter Donald, the DeMarco Sisters, Al Goodman and his orchestra, and guest Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, who wants to be Fred’s summer replacement. The Allen’s Alley question: “Have you had any unusual experiences when buying a new car?” Tender Leaf Tea, Sheffords Cheese, NBC. (29 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-12-50) With Mary, Phil, Don Dennis, Rochester, Artie Auerbach as Mr. Kitzel. Jack decides to do his version of “Allen’s Alley” with Kenny Delmar (as Senator Claghorn), Parker Fennelley (as Titus Moody), and Peter Donald as Ajax Cassidy. Rochester brings in the Ink Spots to sing the commercial. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (26 min)


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-27-55) Jack leaves rehearsal to watch wrestling on television. With Dennis, Don, Bob, Rochester, The Sportsmen, Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Hy Averback, Elvia Allman. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (28 min)
PRIVATE LIFE OF ROCHESTER VAN JONES (5-12-50) An audition show for a proposed series starring Eddie Anderson in the role he played on The Jack Benny Program. Rochester takes a job with a collection agency. Cast includes Roy Glenn, Frank Nelson. CBS. (14 min)
PARAMOUNT’S SILVER JUBILEE (1-7-37) Excerpts from a special program honoring the 25th anniversary of Paramount Pictures. Jack Benny is master of ceremonies, with appearances by Cecil B. DeMille, Leopold Stokowski, Frank Forrest, Jack Oakie, Charlie Butterworth, Dorothy Lamour, Shirley Ross, Ralph Rainger, W.C. Fields, Bob Burns, Martha Raye, Carole Lombard, Gladys Swarthout, Lloyd Nolan, Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Victor Moore, Edward Arnold, Adolph Menjou, Victor Young and the Orchestra. Leopold Stokowski conducts the Hungarian march “Rakoczy.” Lamour, Ross and Rainger perform a medley of songs from Paramount films; Nolan presents “Paramount on Parade,” featuring highlights from the career of Paramount founder Adolph Zukor. Announcer is Ken Carpenter. NBC. (37 min and 34 min)
MEL BLANC SHOW (11-19-46) With Mary Jane Croft, Joseph Kearns, Hans Conried, Earle Ross, the Sportsmen Quartet, Victor Miller and the Orchestra. Mel learns that Betty’s father is planning to sell his store and move the family out of town. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS. (24 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (4-2-50) From Palm Springs, with Mary, Phil, Dennis, Don, Rochester, Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson, the Sportsmen Quartet, the Guadalajara Trio and guests Connie Barlow and Al Jolson. Connie sings “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with the Sportsmen; Jolson complains about Mel Blanc ridiculing his singing style. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (26 min)


DIMENSION X (8-25-50) “The Parade” is the story of a Martian who visits an advertising agency about promoting “Martian Day.” With Joseph Curtin, Berry Kroeger, Alexander Scourby. Sustaining, NBC. (27 min)
LIFE WITH LUIGI (1-9-49) With J. Carroll Naish as Luigi Basco and Alan Reed as Pasquale. After accepting a bet with Pasquale, Luigi makes his first date with an American girl: the telephone operator. Cast includes Mary Shipp, Jim Backus. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (10-1-51) “All About Eve” starring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, Gary Merrill and Reginald Gardiner in a radio version of the 1950 film by Joseph Mankiewicz. Davis, Baxter and Merrill re-create their original roles from the film about an ambitious young actress who strikes up a friendship with a famous actress. William Keighley hosts. Lux Soap, CBS. (18 min & 17 min & 25 min) Read the article about the Mankiewicz family in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
FORT LARAMIE (6-10-56) Raymond Burr stars as Captain Lee Quince, with Vic Perrin as Sgt. Gorce, Jack Moyles as Major Daggett, Harry Bartell as Lt. Seibert. When a train is derailed, Capt. Quince helps a young survivor who wants to join the cavalry. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)
EDDIE CANTOR SHOW (5-13-48) With Harry von Zell, Billie Burke, Cookie Fairchild and his Orchestra, and guest Lauritz Melchior. Eddie talks with Harry about his presidential campaign and wants to hire Lauritz to sing at Billie Burke’s campaign party. Pabst Blue RIbbon Beer, NBC. (28 min)


LIGHTS OUT (9-7-43) “Lord Marley’s Guest,” written and directed by Arch Oboler. While visiting the summer home of an English nobleman, an American movie starlet takes a boat ride and encounters a “devil fish.” Cast includes June Duprez, Mary Jane Croft, Joseph Grandby, Lou Merrill. Ironized Yeast, CBS. (29 min)
HENRY MORGAN SHOW (2-26-47) With Arnold Stang, Betty Garde, announcer Charles Irving, Bernie Green and the Orchestra. Morgan recalls how he planned to revamp the show and presents poetry from “Edgar A. Morgan”; Josh White and his six-year-old son Josh White Jr. sing “Atom and Evil.” Eversharp Razors, ABC. (29 min)
DRAGNET (1-31-52) Jack Webb stars as Sgt. Joe Friday, with Barney Phillips as Ed Jacobs. A woman reports the disappearance of her 30-year-old brother, who has been missing for two days. Cast incudes Joyce McCluskey, Virginia Gregg. Fatima Cigarettes, NBC. (25 min)
OUR MISS BROOKS (9-10-50) Eve Arden stars as Connie Brooks, English teacher at Madison High School, with Gale Gordon as Principal Conklin, Jeff Chandler as Mr. Boynton, Richard Crenna as Walter Denton, Jane Morgan as Mrs. Davis, Leonard Smith as Stretch Snodgrass. It’s the start of a new school year and there are rumors about changes in the faculty. Colgate Lustre Creme Shampoo, CBS. (30 min)
NORGE KITCHEN COMMITTEE (1936) A program of music “Transcribed for American housewives from coast-to-coast,” hosted by “Miss Mary Modern” with music from The Mills Brothers and Louis Armstrong, “The trumpet king of swing,” who plays “Skeleton in the Closet.” The Mills Brothers sing “Pennies From Heaven.” Norge Appliances, Syndicated. (15 min)
CBS RADIO WORKSHOP (2-10-57) “1,489 Words” is a special program featuring words by Alfred Noyes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Thomas Wolfe and a Japanese poet, all read by actor William Conrad. Music by Jerry Goldsmith. Sustaining, CBS. (26 min)


Read the article about radio’s copy cats in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
GREEN HORNET (7-11-39) “The Devil’s Playground” stars Al Hodge as Britt Reid and Raymond Toyo as Kato. The Hornet investigates “The Devil’s Dipper,” an unsafe roller coaster at a nearby amusement park. Syndicated. (27 min)
BLUE BEETLE (8-7-40 and 8-9-40) “Two Rackets in One” is a two-part story, in which the Blue Beetle (aka policeman Dan Garrett) takes on a criminal mastermind behind both a truck drivers’ protection scheme and a poultry racket. Syndicated. (12 min and 13 min)
THE THIN MAN (7-6-48) “The Adventure of the Passionate Palooka” starring Les Tremayne and Claudia Morgan as Nick and Nora Charles. On the eve of his big bout, a dim-witted prizefighter asks Nick and Nora to find his missing pet dog. Ed Herlihy announces. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, NBC. (28 min)
MR. AND MRS. NORTH (3-4-52) “The Heavenly Body” stars Alice Frost and Joseph Curtin as Pam and Jerry North. The Norths visit a nightclub and find themselves investigating the death of a newspaper columnist who has been blackmailing the club’s singer. AFRS rebroadcast. (27 min)
THE SHADOW (1-5-41) “The Leopard Strikes” starring Bill Johnstone as Lamont Cranston, Marjorie Anderson as the lovely Margot Lane. The Shadow investigates when a policeman is murdered at the zoo. Cast includes Kenny Delmar, Everett Sloane, Keenan Wynn. Blue Coal, MBS. (27 min)
THE AVENGER (1-31-46) “The Department of Death” with James Monks as Jim Brandon — The Avenger — with Helen Adamson as Fern Collyer. The night watchman at a department store is found murdered. The Avenger investigates. Syndicated. (30 min)


ALDRICH FAMILY (2-20-40) Ezra Stone stars as Henry, with House Jameson and Kathryn Raht as Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich. Henry wants to make money by raising animals and finally decides to raise pigeons. Cast includes Alan Reed. Harry Von Zell announces. Jell-O, NBC. (29 min)
ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE (10-3-48) “The Persian Slipper” starring Gerald Mohr as Marlowe in the second show of the series. A businessman hires Marlowe to find his wife, who has disappeared after an argument. Cast includes Luis Van Rooten, Virginia Gregg, Lawrence Dobkin, Jeff Corey, Jeanne Bates, Tony Barrett, Gil Stratton, Frank Richards. Roy Rowan announces. Sustaining, CBS. (28 min)
RED SKELTON SHOW (3-5-52) With Lurene Tuttle, Pat McGeehan, The Smith Twins, David Rose and the Orchestra, announcer Rod O’Connor. The Skelton Scrapbook of Satire is devoted to “Hawaii,” with sketches featuring Clem Kadiddlehopper and Junior, the Mean Little Kid. Norge, CBS. (30 min)
INNER SANCTUM (6-5-45) “Death Across the Board” stars Raymond Massey in a story of a macabre game of chess that used real people as chessmen. Cast includes Jackson Beck. Lipton Tea and Soup, CBS. (29 min)
GINNY SIMMS SHOW (2-8-46) With Frank DeVol and the Orchestra, announcer Don Wilson and guest Jerry Colonna, who sings “Your Father’s Moustache” and performs a sketch with Ginny as his secretary. Former serviceman Don Kemp sings “If I Had You”; Ginny sings “Slowly” and “Stardust.” Borden’s Products, CBS. (28 min)
CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON (9-18-47) “The Fraud” starring Paul Sutton as Sgt. Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police. Two criminals plan to hold up a priest who is coming to the Yukon with money for a mission. Cast includes Paul Hughes. Sustaining, ABC. (29 min)

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NICK CARTER, MASTER DETECTIVE (12-25-43) Lon Clark is Nick, who decides to investigate why a hard-hearted businessman hates Christmas. Sustaining, MBS.
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (12-19-54) It’s Christmas time and Jack and the gang are celebrating in Palm Springs. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-22-39; 12:00 am - 12:30 am) Louis Prima and His Orchestra, in a remote broadcast from the Hickory House in New York City.


PHILCO RADIO TIME (12-31-47) Bing Crosby stars with guest Danny Thomas, who fantasizes about being a movie producer. Philco, ABC.
MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER (1-5-47) “New Year’s Nightmare” is the story of a reveller who has too much to drink on New Year’s Eve. Sustaining, MBS.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-22-39; 12:30 am - 1:00 am) WJSV’s complete broadcast day concludes with Bob Chester and His Orchestra from the Mayfair Restaurant in Dayton, Ohio; a recap of the news of the day; and the station’s sign-off.


SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (1-20-47) “Dragonwyck” starring Vincent Price, Teresa Wright and Glenn Langan in a radio version of the 1946 film directed by Joseph Mankiewicz. A farm girl goes to work as a governess for a distant relative. Lady Esther, CBS. Read the article about the Mankiewicz family in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW (4-24-49) After 20th Century Fox contacts Alice about appearing in a film, the studio decides to offer a small part to Phil. Rexall, NBC.
DRAGNET (6-8-50) Jack Webb is Sgt. Joe Friday, who investigates when a rookie policeman is charged with robbery and assault. Fatima Cigarettes, NBC.


BOB CROSBY AND HIS ORCHESTRA (3-2-37) From the Congress Hotel in Chicago, with vocals by Kay Weber and Bob Crosby. Sustaining, NBC.
SUSPENSE (8-24-44) “Actor’s Blood” starring Frederic March and Ben Hecht, who receives an invitation from an actor to reveal a murderer. Roma Wines, CBS.
FRED ALLEN SHOW (10-27-46) Guest Tallulah Bankhead joins Fred for a spoof of husband-and-wife morning shows. Tender Leaf Tea, NBC.


CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER (4-24-47) “The Gentle Strangler” starring Staats Cotsworth as Casey, who helps the police investigate a series of murders. Anchor Hocking Glass, CBS.
JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (2-11-48) With Peggy Lee, Candy Candido and guest Victor Moore, who wishes Jimmy a belated birthday. Rexall, NBC.
THE WHISTLER (9-20-42) “Fog” starring Frank Nelson, Lou Merrill, Joseph Kearns as the Whistler. A man with amnesia is suspected of murder. Sustaining, CBS.


CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW (6-28-42) The last show of the season, with Ginny Simms, Abbott and Costello, and guest Walter Brennan. Chase and Sanborn, NBC.
THE SHADOW (3-10-46) “Ghost Without a Face” starring Bret Morrison as Lamont Cranston. An actor kills himself and threatens to haunt the theater. Sustaining, MBS.
CURTAIN TIME (5-24-47) “Wanted: An Old Fashioned Girl” starring Harry Elders and Nannette Sergeant in a romantic comedy about a magazine writer who is tired of writing about “career women.” Mars Candy, NBC.


GREEN HORNET (10-31-39) Al Hodge stars as the Hornet, who investigates a parking lot protection racket. Syndicated, MBS.
OUR MISS BROOKS (11-28-48) Eve Arden stars as Connie Brooks, with Gale Gordon as Principal Conklin and Jane Morgan as Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis discovers a letter addressed to Miss Brooks with a job offer from another school. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS.
X MINUS ONE (3-7-56) “A Gun For Dinosaur” starring Alistair Duncan. A hunting party uses a time machine for a most unusual expedition. Sustaining, NBC.


BING CROSBY SHOW (3-12-52) Guests Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall join Bing for a spoof of Bogart’s film The African Queen. Chesterfield, CBS. Read the article about Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
BOLD VENTURE (6-18-51) Starring Humphrey Bogart as Slate Shannon and Lauren Bacall as Sailor Duval. A plantation owner asks Slate to save his daughter from the owner of a gambling boat. Syndicated.
RED SKELTON SHOW (2-11-47) “Taxi Cabs” are the topic in the Skelton Scrapbook of Satire, with Red as Willie Lump-Lump, Clem Kaddidlehopper and Junior, the Mean Little Kid. Raleigh Cigarettes, NBC.


YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (6-29-50) “The Barbara James Matter” starring Edmund O’Brien as the man with the action-packed expense account, who investigates the disappearance of a wealthy young woman. Wrigley’s Gum, CBS.
DUFFY’S TAVERN (1-5-51) Ed Gardner stars as Archie, who wants to change the tavern into an actor’s club. Vincent Price guests. RCA Victor, Anacin, NBC. Read the article about Duffy’s Tavern in the Winter 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
ESCAPE (11-5-47) “Evening Primrose” starring Elliott Lewis as a writer who decides to live in a department store and makes an astonishing discovery. Sustaining, CBS.


SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (4-26-51) “Jackpot” starring James Stewart and Margaret Truman in a radio version of Stewart’s 1950 film, as a quiz show contestant who can’t pay the taxes on his winnings. Participating sponsors, NBC.
SHERLOCK HOLMES (3-11-46) Basil Rathbone stars as Holmes, who is disturbed when he sees a “living doll” made in the likeness of a young girl. Petri Wines, MBS.


OUR FIFTH ANNIVERSARY SHOW! This current Radio’s Golden Age series began on March 7, 2010. Join us for a “family reunion” as we celebrate some great sounds — and great memories — from Radio’s Golden Age.


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY (4-6-48) Jim and Marian Jordan star as the McGees. Fibber offers to help Doc Gamble (Arthur Q. Bryan) fix his car. Johnson’s Wax, NBC.
ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE (1-8-49) Gerald Mohr stars as Marlowe. A cosmetics manufacturer is afraid someone wants to murder him. Sustaining, CBS.
SONGS BY SINATRA (10-24-45) With the Pied Pipers, Axel Stordahl and the Orchestra, and guest Tommy Dorsey, Frank’s “old boss.” Old Gold Cigarettes, CBS.


ROY ROGERS SHOW (4-15-54) With Dale Evans, Pat Brady, the Mello-Men. Pat sees two men beating up a third man. Dodge-Plymouth, NBC.
KATE SMITH SHOW (10-15-44) With Ted Collins, Four Chicks and Chuck, Harry Savoy, Shirley Booth and guests The Ink Spots. AFRS rebroadcast.
CAVALCADE OF AMERICA (3-21-50) “I, Mary Peabody” starring Elizabeth Taylor. The story of Mary Peabody and Horace Mann, pioneers in the field of schooling and education. DuPont, NBC.


MATINEE WITH BOB AND RAY (11-10-48) Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding from early in their careers, presenting “The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely.” Participating sponsors, WHDH.
NIGHTBEAT (9-11-50) Frank Lovejoy stars as Randy Stone, night beat reporter for the Chicago Star. Stone is accosted by an escaped convict seeking revenge on the man who convicted him. Sustaining, NBC.
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (5-26-46) Harold Peary stars as Gildy, who recalls his first meeting with the lovely Leila Ransom (Shirley Mitchell). Kraft, NBC.


BROADWAY IS MY BEAT (8-14-50) Larry Thor stars as Detective Danny Clover. The police investigate the death of a woman who was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school. Sustaining, CBS.
ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET (11-21-48) Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard star. When Ozzie complains about Harriet’s curiosity, she decides to turn the tables on him. International Silver, NBC.
QUIET PLEASE (5-21-49) “The Oldest Man in the World” is the story about the home of a caveman who lived 20,000 years ago. Narrated by Ernest Chappell, with Don Briggs, Nancy Sheridan. Sustaining, ABC.

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