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Summer 2015 Program Highlights


PRESIDENT HARRY S TRUMAN (6-26-45) Chet Huntley reports on the closing session of the United Nations Conference for International Organization from the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. President Truman addresses the delegates and speaks about the great work done in developing a charter for the UN. CBS. (31 min) Read the article about the United Nations in the Spring 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
GUNSMOKE (10-31-52) “The Overland Express” starring Wiliam Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon, with Parley Baer as Chester. Matt and Chester track down a wanted killer and must transport him back to Dodge by stagecoach. Cast includes Vic Perrin, Lawrence Dobkin, Lou Krugman. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
COMEDY CARAVAN (4-21-44) Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore star, with Georgia Gibbs, Roy Bargy and the Orchestra, announcer Howard Petrie. Jimmy and Garry perform a detective sketch, “Bulldog Drummond Lays an Egg.” Georgia sings “Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet.” AFRS rebroadcast. (30 min)
GANGBUSTERS (7-31-48) “The Case of the Carnival Caper” tells the story of how “robbery rode the big show-train until police officers found the mysterious passenger and stopped murder on the carnival midway.” Cast: Robert Dryden, Bill Smith, Jean Ellen, Arthur Vinton, Frank Readick, Stanley Niss. Don Gardiner announces. Syndicated. (23 min)
LUM AND ABNER (10-17-48) Chester Lauck and Norris Goff star, with Clarence Hartzell as Ben Withers, announcer Wendell Niles, Felix Mills and the Orchestra. Lum pretends he has a broken leg to avoid seeing the widow Abernathy. Frigidaire, CBS. (28 min)
HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE (9-15-49) “Anna and the King of Siam” starring Deborah Kerr in a radio version of the story by Margaret Landon. A spirited English schoolteacher is hired to tutor the royal children of the King of Siam. James Hilton hosts. Hallmark Cards, CBS. (29 min)


DIMENSION X (4-15-50) “With Folded Hands” starring Alexander Scourby, Bryna Raeburn in a story set in 2006, about a mechanical brain and robot that is always at your service. Norman Rose narrates. Sustaining, NBC. (29 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (1-16-38) With Mary Livingstone, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Phil Harris, Kenny Baker, Don Wilson. Jack, Mary and Rochester return home from San Francisco and the cast presents a look at the Benny show forty years in the future. Jell-O, NBC. (29 min)
X MINUS ONE (1-11-56) “Time and Time Again” is the story of a soldier in the year 1975 who is hit by a bomb during World War III and sent back into the past. Cast: Jack Grimes, Peter Fernandez, Joe DeSantis, Joseph Bell, Clark Gordon, Herm Dinkin, Dick Hamilton, James Dukas. Sustaining, NBC. (28 min)
BIRDS EYE OPEN HOUSE (1-24-46) Dinah Shore stars, with announcer Harry Von Zell, Robert Emmet Dolan and the Orchestra, Frank Nelson, and guest Frank Sinatra. Frank and Dinah perform a sketch as a married couple... in 1996. Dinah sings “That Old Black Magic” and “How Deep Is the Ocean”; Frank sings “Day By Day.” AFRS rebroadcast. (29 min)
THEATRE GUILD ON THE AIR (4-26-53) “1984” starring Richard Widmark as Winston Smith, Alan Hewitt as O’Brien, Marian Seldes as Julia. A radio adaptation of George Orwell’s novel about a totalitarian society ruled by “Big Brother.” Newscaster Kenneth Banghart narrates, with Robert Readick, Staats Cotsworth, Ronald Long, Florence Robinson. Announcer is Norman Brokenshire. United States Steel, NBC. (20 min & 15 min & 16 min)


CAVALCADE OF AMERICA (1-1-36) “The Declaration of Independence” is the story of how the writings of Thomas Paine inspired the Continental Congress to draft and adopt a Declaration of Independence from England. DuPont, CBS. (30 min)
SHEAFFER PARADE (7-4-48) Eddy Howard and His Orchestra offer an Independence Day salute to the USA on its 172nd birthday. Eddy sings “Down by the O-hi-O,” “Missouri Waltz” and “America the Beautiful” and the band plays “Dear Old Southland” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” Cleve Kirby announces. Sheaffer Pen Co., NBC. (30 min)
OUR MISS BROOKS (7-3-49) Eve Arden stars as Connie Brooks, with Gale Gordon as Osgood Conklin, Richard Crenna as Walter Denton, Jeff Chandler as Mr. Boynton, Jane Morgan as Mrs. Davis, Gloria McMillan as Harriet Conklin, Howard McNear as Dr. Haney. Miss Brooks plans an Independence Day weekend getaway. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS. (30 min)
WEIRD CIRCLE (11-21-43) “The Man Without a Country,” a radio version of the story by Edward Everett Hale, about an Army lieutenant who renounces his country during a trial for treason and is sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea. William Johnstone narrates. Syndicated. (28 min)
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (7-2-52) Willard Waterman stars as Gildy, with Walter Tetley as Leroy, Lillian Randolph as Birdie, Marylee Robb as Marjorie, Earle Ross as Judge Hooker, Gloria Blondell as Miss McKinley. Gildy and Judge Hooker vie to see who will deliver a speech at the city’s Indpendence Day celebration. Kraft Foods, NBC. (30 min)
COLUMBIA WORKSHOP (7-6-41) “Between Americans,” written and directed by Norman Corwin as part of his “26 By Corwin” series-within-a-series. Ray Collins narrates this “informal program for informal people,” which examines what it means to be an American. With Peter Donald, Frank Lovejoy, Myron McCormack, Everett Sloane and a special overture by Alexander Semmler. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)


STAN FREBERG SHOW (7-14-57) The first show of the series, with Daws Butler, Peter Leeds, June Foray, Peggy Taylor, Billy May and the Orchestra. Freberg interviews a shepherd and presents a fable, “Incident at Los Voraces.” Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
CBS RADIO WORKSHOP (8-31-56) “Colloquy #3: An Analysis of Satire.” Stan Freberg explains the art, history and uses of satire in popular culture. With Sam Pierce, Larry Thor, Alan Reed, June Foray, Parley Baer, Bill Thompson. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)
THAT’S RICH (1953) Stan Freberg stars as Richard Wilt, with Patti Chapman as Freckles, Will Wright as B.B. Hackett, Daws Butler as Hugh McHugh. When Rich’s boss asks him to entertain a client’s child, he and Freckles plan a trip to the local drive-in to see High Noon. Cast includes Hugh Studebaker, Patricia Dunlap, Eleanor Tannen, Herb Vigran, Frank Nelson. Sustaining, CBS. (27 min)
SUSPENSE (4-20-58) “Alibi Me” starring Stan Freberg as a man who has murdered a “competitor” and must find someone to serve as his alibi. Cast includes Cathy Lewis, Jack Kruschen, Vic Perrin, Dick Beals, Eddie Marr. Larry Thor. AFRTS rebroadcast. (24 min)
STAN FREBERG SHOW (10-20-57) The fifteenth and final show of the series presents highlights from the show’s first fourteen weeks, including “Elderly Man River” and “Bang Gunleigh, U.S. Marshal Field’s.” With Daws Butler, Peter Leeds, Peggy Taylor, Jud Conlon’s Rhythmaires, Billy May and the Orchestra. Sustaining, CBS. (28 min)

PLUS: Throughout the day, we’ll hear some of the many recordings and commercials of Stan Freberg, who died on April 7, 2015 at the age of 88.


BUSTER BROWN GANG (1-15-49) Smilin’ Ed McConnell hosts this Saturday morning show, with Squeaky the Mouse, Froggy the Gremlin, Midnight the Cat. Smilin’ Ed tells the story of “The Enchanted King.” Buster Brown Shoes, NBC. (27 min)
THE BIG SHOW (11-26-50) The fourth show in the series, hosted by Tallulah Bankhead, with guests Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Ed Wynn, Mindy Carson, Lauritz Melchior, Ed “Archie” Gardner. Fred and Tallulah parody husband-and-wife morning radio shows; Ed Wynn explains “Carmen” and the entire cast goes to Duffy’s Tavern. Ed Herlihy announces. Participating sponsors, NBC. (29 min & 30 min & 30 min) Read the article about Tallulah Bankhead in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MICHAEL SHAYNE (1948) “The Case of the Hunted Bride” starring Jeff Chandler as Shayne. A woman hires Shayne to find out if her husband is a murderer. Syndicated. (28 min)
CAN YOU TOP THIS? (11-7-47) Panelists “Senator” Ed Ford, Harry Hirschfield and Joe Laurie Jr. try to top jokes sent in by listeners and performed by Peter Donald. Host is Ward Wilson; announcer is Dan Donaldson. Colgate-Palmolive, NBC. (30 min)


SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (4-17-44) “High Sierra” starring Humphrey Bogart and Ida Lupino, re-creating the roles they played in the 1941 film. An ex-con takes part in a jewel robbery and seeks refuge in the Sierra Mountains. Cast includes Frank Nelson. Truman Bradley announces. Lady Esther, CBS. (28 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (9-11-39) “The Awful Truth” starring Cary Grant and Claudette Colbert in a radio version of Grant’s 1937 film, about a couple whose suspicions lead them to file for divorce, whereupon they undermine each other’s pursuit of new romance. Cecil B. DeMille hosts. Announcer is Melville Ruick. Lux Soap, CBS. (23 min & 18 min & 18 min)
ACADEMY AWARD (6-29-46) “A Star Is Born” starring Frederic March in a radio version of the 1937 film. March re-creates his role as Norman Maine, a movie star who marries an up-and-coming actress and comes to resent her success. House of Squibb, CBS. (29 min)
SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (3-3-50) “The Paleface” starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell as Calamity Jane in a radio version of their 1948 film. Jane marries a hapless dentist as part of a plan to find a rifle smuggler. Jimmy Wallington announces. RCA Victor, NBC. (30 min)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be film historian BOB KOLOSOSKI, who will talk about the movies and stars featured on these radio productions. Read the article about radio shows devoted to movies in the Summer 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest.


MAGIC ISLAND (1936) The first episode of the adventure series, with Tommy Carr as Jerry, Sally Creighton as Mrs. Gregory, Will H. Reynolds as Capt. Tex Bradford. Jerry arrives at the Gregory house with news about a strange island. Syndicated. (12 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 2. Jerry, Tex and Mrs. Gregory sail out of Los Angeles and pick up a strange radio message. Syndicated. (12 min)
FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY (6-12-45) JIm and Marian Jordan star as the McGees, with Arthur Q. Bryan, Marlin Hurt, Bea Benaderet, Shirley Mitchell, announcer Harlow Wilcox, the King’s Men, Billy Mills and the Orchestra. McGee is practicing his magic act for the Elks smoker that evening. Johnson’s Wax, NBC. (30 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 3. The boat is immobilized by a strange fogbank. Syndicated. (12 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 4. Tex and Jerry use a new invention in an attempt to penetrate the mysterious fog. Syndicated. (12 min)
MAGIC KEY (1-12-36) Milton Cross hosts this all-star variety program, featuring announcer Ben Grauer, Frank Black and the NBC Symphony Orchestra, and guests Adele Astaire, The Pickens Sisters, Casanova and Her Tsagon, composer Percy Grainger and Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd, who perform a routine from both Hollywood and New York! The Pickens Sisters sing “Broadway Rhythm” and “Old Black Joe”; Adele Astaire talks about returning to America after four years in Ireland. RCA Victor, NBC. (29 min and 30 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 5. Jerry has an explanation for the mysterious fog that has surounded the yacht. Syndicated. (12 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 6. The yacht is being dragged toward the island. Syndicated. (12 min)


MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER (4-13-47) “Dark Destiny” with Maurice Tarplin as the Mysterious Traveler. A locksmith needs $1500 for his wife’s surgery, but must turn to desperate measures when he is unable to secure a loan. Cast: Joseph Julian, Elaine Kemp, Palmer Ward, Ken Lynch, Bill Smith. Sustaining, MBS. (29 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 7. Tex, Pat and Jerry reach the mysterious island. Syndicated. (12 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (3-3-15) Steve Darnall’s telephone conversation with writer Norman Lear, who talks from his home in Los Angeles about his career in radio and television. Recorded by Kathy Dunaj at Sound Video Impressions in Des Plaines, Illinois. (40 min) Read an excerpt from this conversation in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.
MARTIN AND LEWIS SHOW (2-15-52) With Dick Stabile and the Orchestra, announcer Jimmy Wallington and guest William Holden, who spoofs his film Born Yesterday, with Jerry taking the part played on screen by Judy Holiday. Written by Ed Simmons and Norman Lear. Participating sponsors, NBC. (29 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 8. The expedition meets the mysterious G-47 and Pat is reunited with her daughter. Syndicated. (12 min)
FRONTIER GENTLEMAN (4-6-58) “The Powder River Kid” stars John Dehner as J.B. Kendall, reporter for the London Times, with Joseph Kearns, Paula Winslowe, Lawrence Dobkin, Barney Phillips, Robert Rudier. While traveling through the Montana territory, Kendall encounters a wanted criminal who has been wounded. AFRTS rebroadcast. (24 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 9. Pat and Joan’s reunion is interrupted by G-47. Syndicated. (12 min)


PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW (5-22-49) With Elliott Lewis, Walter Tetley, Robert North, Jeanine Roos, Anne Whitfield. As the family discusses vacation plans for the summer, Phil decides to buy a yacht. Alice sings “Johnny Get Your Girl”; Phil sings “Minnie the Mermaid.” Rexall, NBC. (30 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 10. Jerry and Joan recover from the effects of G-47’s paralyzing ray gun. Syndicated. (12 min)
GREEN HORNET (2-5-46) “Washington Story” starring Bob Hall as Britt Reid, publisher of the Daily Sentinel, with Rollon Parker as Kato, Lee Allman, Gilbert Shea. A reporter at the Sentinel’s Washington bureau is murdered while on the trail of a big story. The Hornet investigates. Syndicated, ABC. (25 min)
VIC AND SADE (10-20-42) Art Van Harvey as Vic, Bernardine Flynn as Sade. Plans to visit the Stembottoms for a game of cards are disrupted when Vic learns that Fred Stembottom wants him to help put a new concrete floor in the garage. NBC. (10 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 11. Capt. Bradford is stricken with a mysterious affliction. Syndicated. (12 min)
AN AMERICAN IN ENGLAND (8-31-42) “The Yanks Are Here” tells the story of American soldiers coming to the British Isles to fight the war and live alongside the English people. Written and produced by Norman Corwin, narrated by Joseph Julian, introduced by Edward R. Murrow, with an original musical score by Benjamin Britten. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min) Read the article about Americans in England in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 12. Tex and Jerry find a way to send out a call of distress. Syndicated. (12 min)
CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW (10-19-47) Broadcasting from Thorne Hall Occidental College, with Anita Gordon, Pat Patrick as Ercil Twing, announcer Ken Carpenter, Ray Noble and the Orchestra, Hans Conried and guest Jane Wyman. Edgar tells Charlie the story of Aladdin and his lamp. In a sketch, Charlie dreams he is in a hospital and Jane is the nurse. Chase and Sanborn, Royal Pudding, NBC. (30 min)


KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE (10-13-52) The first show of the radio series, based on the popular television program. Introduced by Burr Tillstrom, with Fran Allison, pianist Jack Fascinato. Kukla and Fran recall their first meeting; Kukla, Fran and Ollie sing “It’s Nice to Be Nice.” Sustaining, NBC. (10 min)
KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE (10-14-52) The second show of the series. Ollie discusses a letter the NBC executives have written concerning the group’s first show. Sustaining, NBC. (10 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 13. Joan reveals the truth behind the old sailor’s radio broadcast. Syndicated. (12 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (5-26-14) Steve Darnall’s conversation with designer Jack Hakman, who talks about his career in television and his experiences working with Burr Tillstrom. Recorded at Mr. Hakman’s home in Chicago. (39 min)
THE NORTHERNERS (4-19-54) Jim Bannon hosts this “program of music and narrative” with guest Burr Tillstrom, making his first radio appearance without Kukla or Ollie, reading James Thurber’s story Many Moons. Northern Trust Co., WMAQ. (29 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 14. Joan takes Tex, Jerry and her mother on a tour of the island. Syndicated. (12 min)
KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE (10-15-52) The third show of the series features Fletcher Rabbit, mailman for the Kuklapolitan Players, who is looking for a whistle to help him while he performs his rounds. Fran sings “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.” Sustaining, NBC. (10 min)
THEATRE FIVE (2-22-65) “A Tale for the Nursery” starring Fran Allison, with Elliott Reid, George Petrie, John Griggs. A bank plans to evict a nursery school, but the woman who runs the school has no plans to move. Syndicated, ABC. (21 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 15. Tex, Pat and Joan return to the yacht... and a member of the boat’s crew hatches a daring plan of escape. Syndicated. (12 min)


SURRENDER OF JAPAN (9-1-45) Excerpts from a special broadcast of the formal surrender of Japan, which brought an official end to World War II. General Douglas MacArthur conducts the ceremony from aboard the USS Missouri. President Harry S Truman speaks from the White House and Admiral Chester Nimitz speaks via shortwave radio. MBS. (16 min and 16 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 16. Tex, Pat and Joan have a secret conference on the boat, and Tex reveals his formula to Jerry. Syndicated. (11 min) ALAN YOUNG SHOW (1-3-47) With Jim Backus as Hubert Updyke III, Charlie Cantor, Eliva Allman, Hans Conried, Veola Vonn, announcer Jimmy Wallington. Alan investigates his family tree and discovers that he is a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. Bristol-Myers, NBC. (30 min)
NICK CARTER, MASTER DETECTIVE (11-17-43) “The Substitute Bride” stars Lon Clark as Nick, with Helen Choate as Patsy. A man has a new bride, but he insists to Nick that she’s not the woman he married. AFRS rebroadcast. (22 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 17. Tex plans to send an SOS message by using a carrier pigeon. Syndicated. (12 min)
DAMON RUNYON THEATRE (8-22-50) “Butch Minds the Baby” is the story of a safecracker who must take his small son with him on a job. John Brown stars as Broadway, with Herb Vigran, Sheldon Leonard, Lawrence Dobkin. Syndicated. (27 min)
ENCORE THEATRE (6-18-46) “Yellowjack” starring Ronald Colman in a medical drama, with Frank Nelson, Ed Max, Ken Christy, Jerry Hausner, Norman Field. The story of how Dr. Walter Reed discovered Yellow Fever. Shelney Laboratories, CBS. (31 min)
MAGIC ISLAND (1936) Chapter 18. Tex and Jerry carry out a plan to alert the outside world to their location and finally leave the island. Syndicated. (12 min)


MAGIC KEY (12-22-35) Excerpt. Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra play “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town,” and “I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You;” while Tommy’s Clambake Seven performs “The Music Goes ‘Round and Around.” Vocals by Edythe Wright and Sterling Bose. RCA Victor, NBC-Blue. (9 min)
BENNY GOODMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (10-16-37) A broadcast “For the late dancers” featuring the King of Swing, his Orchestra, and the Goodman Trio and Quartet, in a broadcast from the Madhattan Room of the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Vocals by Martha Tilton; announcer is Melvin Allen. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)
FATS WALLER AND HIS RHYTHM (12-21-40) Remote broadcast featuring “The band what am” from the Panther Room of the Hotel Sherman in Chicago. Selections include “Whatcha Know, Joe?” “Frenesi,” and “So You’re The One.” Vocals by Fats Waller and Kay Perry. Sustaining, NBC-Blue. (25 min)
THE ART VAN DAMME QUINTET (1952) The Van Damme group plays a “Trio of tunes” consisting of “Eager Beaver,” “You Wonderful You” and “Slipped Disc.” Studio broadcast from Chicago, with announcer Bill Griskey mistakenly opening the program by reading the previous day’s script! Sustaining, NBC. (10 min)
SWING SHIFT (Recorded 4-5-45) Broadcast from Paris featuring the American Dance Band led by Sgt. Ray McKinley, a sub-unit of Major Glenn Miller’s American Band of the AEF. A trio from within the band plays “Plain and Fancy Blues.” Vocals by Sgts. Ray McKinley and Johnny Desmond, and the Crew Chiefs. Broadcast April 28, 1945 via the Allied Expeditionary Forces Program of the BBC. (28 min)
LOUIS PRIMA AND HIS BAND (9-22-39) Remote broadcast from the Hickory House just east of Broadway in New York City. “Music in unusual arrangements featuring that New Orleans brand of swing.” Louis and the band play “Baby Me,” “Comes Love,” “Stairway To The Stars,” and “Should I?” Vocals by Louis and the band. John Reed King announces. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
CAMEL CARAVAN (10-3-39) Featuring Bob Crosby and his Orchestra (“The Best Dixieland Band in the Land), the Bob Cats, host Johnny Mercer and vocalists Helen Ward and Nappy Lamare. The Crosby band performs “Singin’ In The Rain,” “What’s New?” “Jumpin’ Jive,” and “High Society.” Harry Holcombe announces. Camel Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be big band historian KARL PEARSON, who will talk about the big bands and smaller combos who played during the swing era.


Read the cover story about James Stewart in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.
SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (9-29-40) “The Shop Around the Corner” starring James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan and Frank Morgan, re-creating the roles they played in the 1940 film. A man and woman work together at a store, unaware that the other is their secret pen-pal. Introduced by Jean Hersholt and hosted by Roger Pryor. Gulf Oil, CBS. (30 min)
SIX SHOOTER (6-17-54) “If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit” starring James Stewart as Britt Ponset, Texas plainsman, with Barbara Eiler, Bill Johnstone, Sam Edwards, Eleanor Audley, Sandra Gould. Britt finds himself escorting a young woman to a square dance... and gets her home by midnight. Sustaining, NBC. (30 min)
BING CROSBY SHOW (10-23-52) With announcer Ken Carpenter, Jud Conlon’s Rhythmaires, John Scott Trotter and the Orchestra, Doris Singleton and guest James Stewart. JImmy and Bing go to a General Electric store to purchase an electric blanket. Bing sings “Wish You Were Here” and “Somebody Loves Me.” General Electric, CBS. (30 min)
READERS’ DIGEST RADIO EDITION (3-18-48) “One Way to Broadway” starring James Stewart and Mercedes McCambridge. A struggling playwright in New York City plans to write a play based on his own experiences. Jay Jackson announces. Hallmark Cards, CBS. (30 min)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (1-9-49) With Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Mel Blanc, Herb Vigran, Hal March, the Sportsmen Quartet, and guest James Stewart. Jack wants to produce a movie with Stewart as the star. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (28 min)
SUSPENSE (12-1-49) “Mission Completed” starring James Stewart as a paralyzed World War II veteran who is haunted by memories of his imprisonment in a Japanese POW camp. Cast includes John Dehner, Lawrence Dobkin, Paul Frees. Harlow Wilcox announces. Auto-Lite, CBS. (29 min)


LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE (11-20-40) An isolated episode of the long-running adventure series, with Shirley Bell as Annie, announcer Pierre Andre. Annie and Joe are on the trail of a mysterious woman who goes into the Black Cat Cafe and then leaves in a car. Ovaltine, MBS. (15 min)
BLONDIE (2-16-50) Ann Rutherford and Arthur Lake star as Blondie and Dagwood, with Hanley Stafford as Mr. Dithers. Alexander has decided to become an actor and is eager to demonstrate his range. Ford Motors, ABC. (30 min)
THE WHISTLER (9-17-45) “Sing a Song of Murder” is the story of a successful singer who wants out of his contract. Cast includes William Johnstone, with Bill Forman as the Whistler. Signal Oil, CBS. (30 min)
RAILROAD HOUR (12-6-48) “Girl Crazy” starring Gordon MacRae, Joan Edwards, Doris Day and William Bendix in a radio version of the 1930 musical, with songs by George and Ira Gershwin. A young man is sent to Arizona to manage his family’s ranch. Marvin Miller announces. American Association of Railroads, ABC. (17 min & 14 min & 14 min)
TWO THOUSAND PLUS (3-29-50) “The Men From Mars” is a story set in the year 2040, about two teenagers who buy a second-hand rocket and take off for Mars. Cast includes Ronald Liss, Ronnie Jacoby, Ed Latimer, John Griggs, Sandy Fickert. Sustaining, MBS. (29 min)
FRED ALLEN SHOW (3-10-46) With Portland Hoffa, Kenny Delmar, Parker Fennelley, Minerva Pious, Alan Reed, the DeMarco Sisters, Al Goodman and the Orchestra, and guest Carmen Miranda, who sings “Chattanooga Choo Choo” and joins Fred for the “Chiquita Banana” song. AFRS rebroadcast. (30 min)


CRIME CLUB (6-26-47) “Death Never Doubles” is the story of “a past present that had no future,” about a young lawyer who bears an uncanny resemblance to an ex-convict. Cast includes Gil Stratton Jr., Larry Haines, Julie Stevens. Sustaining, MBS. (29 min)
BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW (6-22-43) With Bill Goodwin, singer Jimmy Cash, the Swantet, Paul Whiteman and the Orchestra, Elvia Allman as Tootsie Sagwell, Hans Conried as Mr. Bolingbroke, Clarence Nash as Herman the Duck. Gracie purchases a love potion to help Tootsie find a boyfriend. Swan Soap, CBS. (29 min)
GENE AUTRY’S MELODY RANCH (1950s) Gene sings “When It’s Round-Up Time in Texas” and “Now Is the Hour” and tells the story about receiving a letter from an acquaintance who asked for $5,000. Pat Buttram talks about his new girlfriend. Syndicated. (24 min)
DUFFY’S TAVERN (10-26-45) Ed Gardner stars as Archie the Manager, with Eddie Green, Charlie Cantor, Sandra Gould, Dix Davis. Archie receives word that his nephew Morton is coming to visit and the gang at the Tavern stage an impromptu quiz show. AFRS rebroadcast. (27 min)
BROADWAY IS MY BEAT (5-2-53) Larry Thor is Detective Danny Clover, with Charles Calvert as Sgt. Tartaglia and Jack Kruschen as Det. Muggevin. A middle-aged woman comes to the police with news that her sister has disappeared. Cast includes Norma Varden, Sam Edwards, Jerry Hausner, Martha Wentworth, Hal Gerard. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)
GI JOURNAL #75 (recorded 12-29-44) Kay Kyser is editor-in-chief, with Georgia Carroll, Ann Miller, Jerry Colonna, Connie Haines, Mel Blanc as Private Sad Sack. Georgia sings “There Goes That Song Again”; Connie sings “Furlough in Paradise.” AFRS. (29 min)

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GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (6-21-42) Harold Peary stars as Gildy, whose niece and nephew decide to get him an easy chair for Father’s Day. Kraft Foods, NBC.
I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI (9-10-52) “Violence Preferred” starring Dana Andrews as Matt Cvetic, who must get incriminating documents to the FBI before they are destroyed. Syndicated.
SPOTLIGHT REVUE (11-5-48) Spike Jones and His City Slickers star, with Dorothy Shay and guest Jerry Colonna, who sings “The Life of a Sailor For Me.” Coca-Cola, CBS.


COUNTERSPY (12-10-50) Don McLaughlin stars as David Harding, with Mandel Kramer as Peters. A gang is smuggling microfilm across the U.S. border from Mexico. Sustaining, NBC.
OUR MISS BROOKS (5-22-49) Eve Arden stars as Connie Brooks, who is coerced into looking after a great dane. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS.
STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD (10-6-51) “I Knew This Woman” starring Joan Crawford as herself, coming to the aid of a friend whose fiancee has been acting strangely. Carnation Evaporated Milk, CBS.


LUX RADIO THEATRE (9-24-51) “Movietime USA,” an all-star salute to fifty years of the motion picture industry, with performances from Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru, Claudette Colbert, Ann Blyth, John Wayne, Robert Ryan, Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, John Derek, Donna Reed, Wendell Corey, Vera Ralston, Forrest Tucker, Gary Cooper, Mary Alden, Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman. William Keighley hosts. Lux Soap, CBS. Read the article about movies adapted for radio in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY (4-3-45) Jim and Marian Jordan star as the McGees, with Arthur Q. Bryan, Shirley Mitchell, Marlin Hurt, Bea Benaderet, The King’s Men. Fibber waits for a prize to arrive after winning a limerick contest. Johnson’s Wax, NBC.
SIX SHOOTER (10-25-53) James Stewart stars as plainsman Britt Ponset, who must defend a friend against a gunman seeking revenge. Cast includees Shirley Mitchell, barney Phillips, Leone LeDoux, Paul Richards. Sustaining, NBC. Read the cover story about James Stewart in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.


ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE (9-19-48) “The Hot Hundred Grand Caper” stars Howard Duff as Sam, Lurene Tuttle as Effie. A rich woman seeks Sam’s help when her husband is blackmailed. Cast includes Frank Lovejoy. Wildroot Cream Oil, CBS.
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW (1-25-45) With Connie Haines, Elvia Allman, Mel Blanc, Artie Auerbach as Mr. Kitzel, announcer Ken Niles. Lou wants to join the Merchant Marines. Camel Cigarettes, NBC.


BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW (1-22-48) George looks forward to reminscing about vaudeville with guest Walter O’Keefe. With Bill Goodwin, Gale Gordon, Elliott Lewis, Meredith Willson and the Orchestra. Maxwell House Coffee, NBC.
X MINUS ONE (7-3-56) “Mr. Costello, Hero” starring Wendell Holmes, Mandel Kramer, Bob Hastings, Joe DeSantis. A space cruiser has only one passenger, a man with a strange collection. Sustaining, NBC.


SUSPENSE (4-12-54) “Parole to Panic” starring Broderick Crawford as an ex-convict who comes home on parole and finds the gang he testified against is out to kill him. With Paula Winslowe, Joseph Kearns, Hy Averback, Junius Matthews, Barney Phillips. Auto-Lite, CBS.
JUBILEE #78 (5-2-44) Host Ernie “Bubbles” Whitman welcomes The Ink Spots, Ella Fitzgerald, Cootie Williams and his Orchestra. Ella sings “A Tisket, A Tasket” and “Do Nothing ‘Til You Hear From Me”; The Ink Spots sing “If I Didn’t Care” and “Java Jive.” AFRS.


SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (11-16-50) “Lifeboat” starring Tallulah Bankhead, reprising her role as columnist Connie Porter in a radio version of the Alfred Hitchcock film, about the survivors of a ship that has been destroyed by Nazis. Director Alfred Hitchcock hosts, with Jeff Chandler, Sheldon Leonard. Participating sponsors, NBC. Read the article about Tallulah Bankhead in the Summer 2015 Nostalgia Digest.


BING CROSBY SHOW (5-24-50) Bing salutes the song hits of the year, with help from his sons Gary, Phillip, Dennis and Lindsay and guests Perry Como, Arthur Godfrey and Bob Hope, who duets with Bing on “If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’d Have Baked a Cake.” Chesterfield Cigarettes, CBS.
SHERLOCK HOLMES (11-30-46) Tom Conway is Holmes, Nigel Bruce is Watson. An old woman in poor health asks Holmes to investigate her family. Kreml Hair Tonic, ABC.


LET GEORGE DO IT (2-7-49) “One Against a City” starring Bob Bailey as George Valentine, who is enlisted to clean up a corrupt town. With Frances Robinson, Miriam Wolfe, Robert Dryden. Standard Oil of California, MBS.
ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (2-27-49) With Tommy Bernard and Henry Blair as David and Ricky, John Brown as Thorny, Janet Waldo as Emmylou. Ozzie decides to show Harriet that he can manage the family’s finances. International Silver, NBC.


JACK BENNY PROGRAM (6-9-40) With Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Andy Devine. The gang discuss their vacation plans and Jack makes an unpleasant discovery about his next picture. Jell-O, NBC.
CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER (2-20-47) “The Twenty-MInute Alibi” starring Staats Cotsworth as Casey, Lesley Woods as Anne Williams, John Gibson as Ethelbert. Casey investigates an apparent suicide and suspects murder. Anchor Hocking Glass, CBS.


HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL (1-11-59) John Dehner stars as Paladin, with Ben Wright as both Hey Boy and as an English nobleman who has inherited a ranch in Montana. Sustaining, CBS.
JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (12-3-47) With Candy Candido, Peggy Lee, Arthur Treacher, Veola Vonn, announcer Howard Petrie and guest Charles Boyer, who suggests Jimmy play Cyrano de Bergerac. Rexall, NBC.


ALDRICH FAMILY (12-16-48) Ezra Stone stars as Henry, who is involving his family in last-minute party preparations. With Jackie Kelk as Homer Brown, House Jamison and Katharine Raht as Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich. Jell-O, NBC.
GREEN HORNET (4-16-46) “Figure in the Photograph” starring Bob Hall as Britt Reid, Raymond Toyo as Kato, Jim Irwin as Mike Axford. A photo taken at a department store fire reveals something unusual. Syndicated.


DRAGNET (4-27-50) Jack Webb stars as Sgt. Joe Friday, Barton Yarborough as Sgt. Ben Romero. A policeman is killed when Friday and Romero try to apprehend a fugutive. Fatima Cigarettes, NBC.
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW (9-25-49) With Elliott Lewis, Walter Tetley, Gale Gordon. When Phil’s sponsor gives him an office, Phil has an idea for a unique sale. Rexall, NBC.


GOOD NEWS OF 1939 (4-20-39) Robert Young hosts, with Fannie Brice and Hanley Stafford (as Baby Snooks and Daddy), Frank Morgan, singing stars Douglas MacPahil and Miliza Korjus, Meredith Willson and the Orchestra, and the cast of The Hardys Ride High: Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Fay Holden, Ann Rutherford and Ceclia Parker. Maxwell House Coffee, NBC.

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