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Summer 2014 Program Highlights


FIVE STAR FINAL (3-30-36) A show created to bring listeners “the news of the world we live in... to make vividly real to you the stirring events that make us all actors in the drama of life.” Includes stories about election day in Germany and Bruno Hauptmann in prison. Remington-Rand Typewriters, WMCA. (14 min)
WILD BILL HICKOK (11-28-51) “The Five Deadly Double Eagles” starring Guy Madison as Wild Bill and Andy Devine as Jingles. There’s trouble in the town of Halfway Up when a criminal plans to rob the stage and frame a newcomer for the crime. Cast includes Forrest Lewis, Barney Phillips, Clayton Post. Kellogg’s Corn Pops, MBS. (25 min)
THEATRE FIVE (9-1-64) “Outside Time” with Al Hodge, George Petrie, Jack Grimes, Maurice Tarplin, Richard Keith. An astronaut and his craft disappear from space in the middle of a test launch. Sustaining, ABC. (21 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (12-16-43) “Five Graves to Cairo” starring Franchot Tone and Anne Baxter, with Otto Preminger, J. Carroll Naish and Fortunio Bonanova. Tone, Baxter and Bonanova re-create their roles from the 1943 film, about an English soldier and a French innkeeper who match wits with the Nazis in a remote Sahara desert hotel. Cecil B. DeMille hosts. Lux Soap, CBS. (25 min & 20 min & 14 min)
FRIENDLY FIVE FOOTNOTES (1931) A program of music and dancing, featuring vocalist and dancer Friendly Fred, the Friendly Five Orchestra and aviator Casey Jones, who talks about recent developments in air travel. Songs include “It’s the Girl,” “Sweet and Lovely” and “It’s Great to Be in Love.” Friendly Five Shoes, Syndicated. (13 min)
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (9-25-60) “The Five Down Matter” starring Bob Bailey as the man with action-packed expense account. A quiet Sunday is disrupted when Johnny receives a series of urgent telephone calls from past clients. Cast includes Virginia Gregg, John Dehner, G. Stanley Jones, Lawrence Dobkin, Harry Bartell, Vic Perrin, Howard McNear, Marvin Miller, Forrest Lewis, Herb Vigran. Participating sponsors, CBS. (25 min)


DUKE ELLINGTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA (7-26-39) “A program of supper dance music” from the roof of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston, with vocals by Ivy Anderson. The Ellington band presents “A Jazz Potpourri,” “Something To Live For,” “In A Mizz,” “Rose Of The Rio Grande,” and other selections. Announcer is Fred B. Cole. Sustaining, NBC. (30 min)
DICK JURGENS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (9-23-47) “Here’s that band again!” A remote broadcast from the Garden Room of the Hotel Claremont in San Francisco, with vocalists Al Galante and Jimmy Castle. Selections include “The Lady From 29 Palms,” “Just Squeeze Me,” and “Peg O’ My Heart.” Tommy Greenhough announces. Sustaining, ABC. (15 min)
THE FORD V-8 SHOW (8-11-36) Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra are heard in a broadcast from the fairgrounds of the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas, “where men are men and automobiles are Ford V-8s,” with vocalists Edythe Wright and Jack Leonard. The band plays “On The Beach At Bali Bali,” “These Foolish Things,” “I’m An Old Cowhand,” and other tunes. Announced by Royce Callan. Ford Motor Company, CBS. (30 min)
MUSIC FROM YOUR HOMETOWN #3 (1945) A remote broadcast featuring Tommy Tucker and his Orchestra from the Jantzen Beach Ballroom, located in Portland, Oregon. The band plays “Brass Hats,” “It’s a Beautiful Day,” and “On The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe.” Vocals by Don Brown and the Three Two-Timers. AFRS. (15 min)
CAMEL CARAVAN (4-25-39) Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Trio and Quartet along with Johnny Mercer and Martha Tilton are heard in a broadcast from a tobacco warehouse in Asheville, North Carolina. The Goodman Gang plays “Night Must Fall,” “Beer Barrel Polka,” “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” and other numbers. Johnny presents a special version of “Carolina In The Morning.” Harry Holcombe announces. Camel Cigarettes, CBS. (29 min)
BOBBY SHERWOOD AND HIS ORCHESTRA (May 1945) Excerpt. “Young America’s favorite dance music” in a remote broadcast from Tune Town Ballroom in St. Louis. Selections include “He’s Home For A Little While,” “Candy” and “Sentimental Journey.” Sustaining, KWK/St. Louis. (14 min)
TEX BENEKE AND HIS ORCHESTRA (5-12-48) A broadcast from Memphis, Tennessee and the Cotton Carnival of 1948 held at the Ellis Auditorium, with vocals by Tex Beneke, Ronnie Deauville and the Moonlight Serenaders. The Beneke band plays “Saturday Date,” “These Foolish Things,” and “St. Louis Blues March,” and other numbers. Announcer is Charlie Sullivan. Sustaining, NBC. (30 min)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be big band historian KARL PEARSON, who will talk about the big bands and the many venues nationwide from which they broadcast.


ARCHIE ANDREWS (7-17-48) Bob Hastings stars as Archie, with Harlan Stone as Jughead, Rosemary Rice as Betty, Gloria Mann as Veronica, Arthur Kohl and Alice Yourman as Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. Archie and his friends help Mr. Andrews wallpaper the living room. Swift, NBC. (30 min)
SHERLOCK HOLMES (11-26-45) “The Accidental Murderess” starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson. A holiday at Stratford-on-Avon is interrupted when Holmes is shot. Harry Bartell announces. Petri Wines, MBS. (30 min)
JACKIE GLEASON-LES TREMAYNE SHOW (8-13-44) From New York, with Patsy Garrett, Andy Russell, and guest Edgar Bergen, who talks about his new female character and agrees to teach Jackie to become a ventriloquist. Andy sings “Amor” and “It Could Happen to You.” Jackie remembers his boyhood in Brooklyn, while Les extols the virtues of California. AFRS rebroadcast (under the name Double Trouble). (30 min) Read the article about Jackie Gleason in the Summer 2014 Nostalgia Digest.
INNER SANCTUM (1-22-46) “The Confession” starring Santos Ortega. A pharmacist on his deathbed recalls an encounter with a wounded bank robber. Lipton Tea and Soup, CBS. (29 min)
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW (1-15-50) With Elliott Lewis as Frankie Remley, Walter Tetley, Robert North, Jeannine Roos, Anne Whitfield. When they come home late after a party, Phil and Frankie must sneak into Phil’s house through the basement. Alice sings “I’ve Got a Crush on You.” Rexall, NBC. (29 min)
COLUMBIA WORKSHOP (6-22-41) “Daybreak” is “a program to be followed on your Atlas,” written and directed by Norman Corwin. Narrated by Frank Gallop, with Frank Lovejoy, Hester Sondergaard, Joan Banks, Cliff Carpenter, Gilbert Mack, Paul Stewart, Don Morrison, Rosalyn Green, Martin Wolfson, Eddie Mayehoff. Singing by Olga Quello. Sustaining, CBS. (28 min)


SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (12-24-39) “The Blue Bird” starring Shirley Temple in a radio version of her movie, based on the classic story by Maurice Maeterlinck. Two children follow a fairy into the forest in pursuit of the famous Bluebird of Happiness. Nelson Eddy introduces Miss Temple, who is making her first appearance on network radio. Gulf Oil, CBS. (24 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (10-14-40) “The Littlest Rebel” starring Shirley Temple, Preston Foster and Claude Rains in a radio version of Temple’s 1935 film, about an 11-year-old whose home is overrun with Union soldiers during the Civil War. Cast includes Bea Benaderet, Lou Merrill, Barbara Jean Wong. Cecil B. DeMille hosts. Lux Soap, CBS. (21 min & 22 min & 17 min)
COMMAND PERFORMANCE #9 (4-18-42) Shirley Temple is mistress of ceremonies, with Martha Tilton, Fanny Brice and Hanley Stafford (as Baby Snooks and Daddy), Dorothy Lamour, Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, boxer Sefarino Garcia, Six Hits and a Miss, Gordon Jenkins and the Orchestra, announcer Paul Douglas. Tilton sings “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”; Lamour sings “Moonlight and Shadows”; Abbott and Costello perform “Who’s on First?” AFRS. (29 min)
THEATRE OF ROMANCE (1-29-46) “The Cradle Song” starring Shirley Temple in the story of a young foundling who must decide between life in the convent and romance in the outside world. Cast includes Earle Ross. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS. (25 min)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be film historian BOB KOLOSOSKI, who will talk about the movie career of Shirley Temple, who died on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85.


NIGHTBEAT (4-10-50) “I Know Your Secret” starring Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone, night beat reporter for the Chicago Star, who saves a woman who has jumped into the Chicago River and finds a story in her apartment building. Cast: Joan Banks, Jeff Corey, Martha Wentworth, Betty Lou Gerson, Colleen Collins, Will Wright. Sustaining, NBC. (29 min)
NIGHTWATCH (4-5-54) The first show of this series, featuring actual recordings of the police in action, made by recorder Donn Reid. The police apprehend a burglary suspect and interrogate a woman accused of killing her husband. Sustaining, CBS. (22 min)
FRED ALLEN SHOW (11-8-39) With Portland Hoffa, Minerva Pious, John Brown, Charlie Cantor, The Merry Macs, Wynn Murray, announcer Harry Von Zell, Peter Van Steeden and the Orchestra. Guest is Alfred Plant, marketing spokesman for the donut industry. The Mighty Allen Art Players present a radio-inspired sketch, “The Sound Man’s Revenge.” Bristol-Myers, NBC. (30 min and 28 min)
TARZAN (1-11-51) “The Decoy” starring Lamont Johnson as Tarzan, the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. An elephant poacher plans to capture Tarzan with the help of his beautiful daughter. Syndicated. (26 min)
FIRST NIGHTER (1-29-48) “A Writer in the Family” starring Barbara Luddy and Olan Soule “from the little theatre off Times Square.” A romantic comedy about a highway surveyor, a writer of western stories, and a hidden identity. Larry Keating announces. Campana Products, CBS. (30 min)


ROMANCE (8-6-51) “Pagosa” is an “unusual romance of the West,” starring William Conrad, Georgia Ellis, and Will Wright. A retired sheriff comes to a small western town to file a land claim, only to learn he must put on the badge again. Narrated by William Johnstone, with Herb Ellis, Tony Barrett, Lamont Johnson, Tom Holland, Junius Matthews. This show is considered to be the prototype for Gunsmoke, which debuted on April 26, 1952. Wrigley’s Gum, CBS. (30 min)
GUNSMOKE (5-16-53) “The Big Con” starring William Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon, with Parley Baer as Chester, Howard McNear as Doc, Georgia Ellis as Kitty. A gambler goes to the Dodge City bank, asking for a loan of $20,000. Cast includes Lawrence Dobkin, Harry Bartell, Ralph Moody, James Nusser, Joe Cranston, Paul Dubov, Peter Leeds. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min) Read the article about Gunsmoke in the Spring 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
ADVENTURES OF RED RYDER (3-12-42) Reed Hadley stars as Red, with Tommy Cook as Little Beaver. The villainous Ace Hanlon hatches a plot to kill Red by convincing a jealous gunman that Red is after his girl. Cast includes Mercedes McCambridge. Langendorf Bread, NBC BLUE. (30 min)
SIX SHOOTER (10-11-53) James Stewart stars as Texas plainsman Britt Ponset, who gets involved in a dispute between an old woman with a silver mine and the town of Virtue City. Cast includes Jeanette Nolan, Dan O’Herlihy, Herb Vigran, Robert Griffin, Parley Baer. Hal Gibney announces. Coleman Heating, NBC. (30 min)
ROY ROGERS SHOW (9-5-48) It’s the “King of the Cowboys,” with Dale Evans, Gabby Hayes, Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage. Gabby tells the story of “The Horse Thieves of Paradise Valley”; Roy sings “Pecos Bill.” Quaker Oats, MBS. (29 min)
FRONTIER GENTLEMAN (4-27-58) “Random Notes” stars John Dehner as J.B. Kendall, correspondent for the London Times, who recalls a number of encounters during his time in frontier America. Cast includes Virginia Gregg, Jack Moyles, Peter Leeds, Vic Perrin, Joseph Kearns, Jack Kruschen, Winston Ross. AFRTS rebroadcast. (24 min)


FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY (10-21-47) Jim and Marian Jordan star, with Harlow Wilcox, Bill Thompson, Gale Gordon, Arthur Q. Bryan, The King’s Men, Billy Mills and the Orchestra. The McGees must go to the Wistful Vista Finance Company to make a late payment on their car. Johnson’s Wax, NBC. (30 min)
PAT NOVAK FOR HIRE (3-6-49) Jack Webb stars as Novak, with Tudor Owen as Jocko Madigan and Raymond Burr as Inspector Hellman. A jockey hires Novak to find a missing race horse. Cast includes Virginia Gregg, Tol Avery, Stacy Harris, Hugh Thomas. Sustaining, ABC. (29 min)
GI JOURNAL #88 (3-30-45) Robert Benchley is editor-in-chief, with Linda Darnell, Mel Blanc, Connie Haines, Verna Felton, Allan Jenkins. Darnell takes a job as crime reporter. Connie sings “Be There.” AFRS. (30 min)
STORY OF DR. KILDARE (2-16-51) With Lew Ayres as Kildare and Lionel Barrymore as Dr. Gillespie. Kildare must help a mentally disturbed patient who has taken a gun into a kindergarten playhouse. Cast includes Virginia Gregg, Ted Osborne, Ted de Corsia, Lawrence Dobkin. Syndicated. (28 min)
MY FRIEND IRMA (10-18-48) Marie Wilson stars as Irma, with Joan Banks as Jane, Alan Reed as Mr. Clyde, Gloria Gordon as Mrs. O’Reilly, Hans Conried as Professor Kropotkin, John Brown as Al. Irma enlists Jane’s help when she loses Mr. Clyde’s glasses. Pepsodent, CBS. (30 min)
HALL OF FANTASY (4-6-53) “The Return From Death,” written and produced by Richard Thorne. A scientist claims he can bring the dead back to life, and plans to prove it by reviving an executed convict. Sustaining, MBS. (23 min)


LEO IS ON THE AIR (1942) From “the little theatre at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios,” a radio preview of The Courtship of Andy Hardy, with clips from the film featuring stars Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone and Fay Holder. Syndicated. (15 min)
GOOD NEWS OF 1939 (9-1-38) Excerpt. Host Robert Young welcomes MGM’s Louis B. Mayer, who in turn introduces Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney in scenes from their new MGM film, Boys’ Town. With Howard McNear, Frank Nelson and an appearance from Father Edward J. Flanagan, the man who started the real Boys’ Town. NBC. (16 min)
LUX RADIO THEATRE (10-28-40) “Strike Up the Band,” starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, making their first appearances on the show in a radio version of their MGM musical. A student “takes over” the task of organizing the school band in the hopes of bringing the band to Chicago. With John Scott Trotter as Paul Whiteman. William C. DeMille hosts in place of his brother Cecil. Lux Soap, CBS. (21 min & 19 min & 18 min)
PHILCO RADIO TIME (1-8-47) Bing Crosby stars, with Skitch Henderson, Peggy Lee, The Charioteers, John Scott Trotter and the Orchestra, announcer Ken Carpenter, and guest Mickey Rooney, who wants to be a songwriter. Bing sings “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “A Gal in Calico.” Philco, ABC. (30 min)
SUSPENSE (12-8-49) “For Love or Murder,” starring Mickey Rooney, with Lurene Tuttle. A nightclub piano player follows his girlfriend’s plan to murder her husband. Cast includes Paul Frees, Joseph Kearns, Barney Phillips. Auto-Lite, CBS. (29 min)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be film historian BOB KOLOSOSKI, who will discuss the life and career of Mickey Rooney, who died on April 6, 2014 at the age of 93.


KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1-22-48) Al Jolson stars, with Oscar Levant, Lou Bring and the Orchestra, announcer Ken Carpenter, and guest Lucille Ball, who joins Al for a detective sketch. Al sings “It Ain’t Necessarily So” and “Hannah From Savannah.” Kraft Foods, NBC. (29 min)
TWO THOUSAND PLUS (9-27-50) “The Green Thing.” A psychiatrist is startled when different patients dream about the same monster. Cast includes Lon Clark, Joseph Julian, Hester Sondergaard, Gilbert Mack, John Griggs, Henry Morrell. Sustaining, MBS. (30 min)
TEX AND JINX SHOW (11-4-47) An excerpt from the long-running morning show hosted by Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenberg. Jinx presents a “transcribed” interview with Walt Disney, who talks about his animated films. NBC. (12 min) Read the article about Walt Disney’s films in the Summer 2014 Nostalgia Digest.
FRED WARING SHOW (12-5-47) Excerpt. In honor of Walt Disney’s birthday, Fred and he Pennsylvanians offer a musical salute to Disney’s films. Bill Bivans announces. Green Giant Vegetables, NBC. (17 min)
HENRY MORGAN SHOW (9-30-46) The celebrated humorist talks about the reception for his new show and presents a “Soapless” opera. With Arnold Stang, Betty Garde, announcer Charles Irving, Bernie Green and the Orchestra. Sustaining, ABC. (28 min)
CRIME CLASSICS (1-13-54) “How Supan Got the Hook Outside Bombay” is the story of two brothers in India who engaged in a murderous feud after the death of their father. Host is Thomas Hyland (played by Lou Merrill). Cast: William Conrad, Byron Kane, Lillian Buyeff, Jack Kruschen, Julie Bennett, Alistair Duncan. Sustaining, CBS. (28 min)
BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW (4-21-49) It’s George and Gracie, with Bill Goodwin, announcer Tobe Reed, Joan Banks, Bea Benaderet, and guest Eddie Cantor. Eddie’s wife Ida complains to George and Gracie that her husband is working too hard. Maxwell House Coffee, NBC. (30 min)



DUKE ELLINGTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA (5-27-44) A remote broadcast from the Hurricane Restaurant located just off Times Square in New York City. Selections include “Someone,” “GI Jive,” “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me,” and “Blue Skies.” Vocals by Albert Hibbler. Announcer is Irwin Darlington. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)
ERSKINE HAWKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (7-12-38) Excerpt. “The Twentieth Century Gabriel” is heard in a broadcast from “The Home of Happy Feet,” the Savoy Ballroom, located in Harlem, New York City. Announcer is Ed Herlihy. The band plays “Dark Eyes,” and Peckin’,” along with other selections. Vocals by Merle Turner and Jimmy Mitchelle. Sustaining, NBC. (15 min)
JUBILEE #90 (7-31-44) Host Ernie “Bubbles” Whitman welcomes Lena Horne, the Delta Rhythm Boys, drummer “Big Sid” Catlett, and Tiny Bradshaw and his Orchestra. Lena sings “I’ll Be Around;” and the Delta Rhythm boys sing “What A Diff’rence A Day Made” and Tiny Bradshaw vocalizes on “San Fernando Valley.” AFRS. (30 min)
DON REDMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (12-22-33) A broadcast from the Casino De Paree in New York City, with vocals by Harlan Lattimore and Don Redman. Selections include “Watching The Knife And Fork Spoon,” “You Told Me But Half Of The Story,” and “Redman Rhythm.” Carlyle Stevens announces. Sustaining, CBS (15 min)
AMERICA DANCES (7-9-38) Count Basie and his Orchestra are heard in a broadcast (from New York City) short-waved to listeners in Great Britain, with vocalist Helen Humes and Jimmy Rushing. Announcer is Charles Arlington. CBS/BBC. (30 min)
ONE NIGHT STAND #540 (2-13-45) Excerpt. A broadcast from the Club Zanzibar in New York City featuring Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra. “Pops” sings and plays “On The Sunny Side Of The Street,” and “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive;” Velma Middleton sings “A Little On The Lonely Side,” and “Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night of The Week).” AFRS. (16 min)
THE VICTORY PARADE OF SPOTLIGHT BANDS #617 (3-8-45) Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra are heard performing for Naval personnel stationed at Dearborn, Michigan. The Hampton band plays “Rockin’ In Rhythm,” “I Dream Of You,” “Central Avenue Breakdown,” “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive,” and “Hamp’s Boogie Woogie.” Vocals by Rubel Blakely and Dinah Washington. Wayne Griffin announces. AFRS. (15 min)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST will be big band historian KARL PEARSON, who will talk about the many African-American bandleaders to emerge during the swing era.


YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (7-9-56) “The Shady Lane Matter” starring Bob Bailey as the man with the action-packed expense account, in the first part of a five-part story. Dollar investigates when an anonymous letter accuses a man of murdering his invalid wife. Cast includes Jeanette Nolan, Bert Holland, Forrest Lewis, Shirley Mitchell, John Dehner, Will Wright. Sustaining, CBS. (14 min)
MILTON BERLE SHOW (8-12-47) It’s “Uncle Milty” on radio, offering a “Salute to Summer Sports.” With announcer Frank Gallop, Pert Kelton, Jack Albertson, Arnold Stang, Mary Shipp, singer Dick Varney, Ray Bloch and the Orchestra. Philip Morris Cigarettes, NBC. (28 min)
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (7-10-56) Part two of “The Shady Lane Matter.” Sustaining, CBS. (14 min)
LIFE WITH LUIGI (3-25-52) Starring J. Carroll Naish as Luigi Basco, with Alan Reed as Pasquale, Hans Conried as Schultz, Jody Gilbert as Rosa, Mary Shipp as Miss Spaulding, who asks her night school students to write about “the three most important words in guiding your life.” Charles Lyon announces. Wrigley’s Gum, CBS. (31 min)
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (7-11-56) Part three of “The Shady Lane Matter.” Sustaining, CBS. (14 min)
CROSBY-CLOONEY SHOW (4-13-60) Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney star, with The Buddy Cole Trio, announcer Ken Carpenter. Bing sings “New Sun in the Sky” and “Among My Souvenirs.” Participating sponsors, CBS. (19 min)
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (7-12-56) Part four of “The Shady Lane Matter.” Sustaining, CBS. (14 min)
LIFE OF RILEY (5-22-48) William Bendix stars as Chester Riley, with Paula Winslowe as Peg, Barbara Eiler as Babs, Tommy Cook as Junior, Dink Trout as Waldo Binney, John Brown as Digby O’Dell. Riley is jealous when Peg invites her old flame Sidney Monahan (Lou Merrill) to the house. Prell, NBC. (30 min)
YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (7-13-56) Part five of “The Shady Lane Matter.” Sustaining, CBS. (14 min)


HALLS OF IVY (11-28-51) Ronald and Benita Colman star as William Todhunter Hall and his wife Victoria, first family of Ivy College. Professor Warren invites the Halls to dinner to meet his new lady friend. Voice of America rebroadcast. (27 min)
ROGUE’S GALLERY (1-17-46) “Murder at Minden” starring Dick Powell as detective Richard Rogue, with Peter Leeds as Eugor. Rogue investigates when his new client is murdered. Fitch Shampoo, MBS. (29 min)
VIC AND SADE (3-12-42) Art Van Harvey is Vic, Bernardine Flynn as Sade, Bill Idelson as Rush. Vic is planning for a lunch date with business associates. NBC. (11 min)
SPACE PATROL (1-31-53) “The Top Secret D-Ray” starring Ed Kemmer as Cmdr. Buzz Corry, Lyn Osborn as Cadet Happy, Nina Bara as Tonga. The Space Patrol investigates when a ring containing an extremely valuable microfilm is stolen. Dick Tufeld announces. Ralston Cereals, ABC. (30 min)
SONGS BY SINATRA (11-7-45) From New York, with the Pied Pipers, Axel Stordahl and the Orchestra, June Hutton and guest Lawrence Tibbett. Frank sings “Just One of Those Things” and “The Last Time I Saw You” and duets with Tibbett on a medley of Stephen Foster songs. Old Gold Cigarettes, CBS. (26 min)
THIS IS YOUR FBI (8-30-46) “The Return of the Mob” is the story of an old-time gangster who is paroled from a life sentence. Milton Cross announces. Equitable Life Assurance Society, ABC. (29 min)
COMEDY CARAVAN (3-31-44) Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore star, with Georgia Gibbs, announcer Howard Petrie, Roy Bargy and the Orchestra. Jimmy and Garry perform a play about music, “The G-String Murder.” AFRS rebroadcast. (30 min)


JUDY CANOVA SHOW (11-16-43) With Mel Blanc, Ruby Dandridge, singer Eddie Dean, Charles Dant and the Orchestra. Judy sings “Pistol Packin’ Mama” and decides to stage an opera in her barn. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS. (24 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (1-17-14) Part one of Steve Darnall’s conversation with actress and dancer Gwen Davies, who talks by telephone from her home in Pennsylvania about her radio and stage career. Recorded by Jim Zarembski in Niles, Illinois. (34 min) Read an excerpt from this conversation in the Summer 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
LET’S PRETEND (8-29-42) “The Little Mermaid” is a radio adaptation of the famous story by Hans Christian Andersen, about a young mermaid who falls in love with a human prince. Gwen Davies is “secretary” and Lolita, with Daisy Aldan, Patricia Ryan, Sybil Trent, Albert Aley, Arthur Anderson, Jack Grimes, Adelaide Bishop, Miriam Wolfe. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)
SPEAKING OF RADIO (1-17-14) Part two of Steve Darnall’s conversation with actress Gwen Davies. (30 min)
SUSPENSE (7-15-62) “Snow on 66,” starring Jimmy Blaine, Grayson Hall, Gwen Davies. A couple traveling through a town in Arizona are harassed by a menacing driver. Cast includes James Dimetree, William Mason, Sam Raskin. Participating sponsors, CBS. (21 min)
ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (1-30-49) Ozzie Nelson and Harriet star, with Tommy Bernard, Henry Blair, Janet Waldo, announcer Verne Smith. Ozzie decides to take a job driving the school bus, but must pass a driver’s test first. International Silver, NBC. (29 min)


YOU BET YOUR LIFE (3-22-50) Groucho Marx is emcee of this famous comedy quiz program, with announcer George Fenneman. Couples answer questions about farm animals and birds and songs about the weather. DeSoto-Plymouth, CBS. (29 min)
INFORMATION PLEASE (1-10-39) It’s “time to stump the experts” as moderator Clifton Fadiman welcomes regulars Franklin P. Adams, John Kieran and Oscar Levant. Guest is writer Alexander Woolcott. Canada Dry, NBC. (29 min)
QUIZ KIDS (1-24-43) Chief Quizzer Joe Kelly asks the questions of Harve Bennett Fishman (age 12), Gerard Darrow (age 10), Margaret Merrick (age 14), Joel Kupperman (age 6), Smylla Brind (age 14). Guest is Sister Elizabeth Kenny. Alka-Seltzer, NBC. (29 min) Read the article about The Quiz Kids in the Summer 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT (10-27-44) Tom Howard hosts this quiz show spoof, with Harry McNaughton, Lulu McConnell, George Shelton, announcer Ken Roberts, Nat Novick and the Orchestra. Questions include “What president is the movie Wilson about?” and “In what month does Hallowe’en occur?” AFRS rebroadcast. (28 min)
QUICK AS A FLASH (3-9-47) Ken Roberts hosts this quiz show, in which members of the studio audience match wits with each other to get the answer to a series of dramatic puzzles. Guest detective is actress Martha Vickers. Helbros Watches, MBS. (28 min)
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (3-17-45) Ralph Edwards leads members of the studio audience through quizzes and stunts in this show broadcast from Hollywood. In one stunt, three servicemen must perform a scene with guest Chili Williams. Announcer is Bob WIlliams. Duz, NBC. (30 min)

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STRAIGHT ARROW (5-6-48) “Stage From Calvado” stars Howard Culver as Steve Adams in the first show of the series. A stagecoach is held up by a masked man who knew exactly what he wanted. Nabisco Shredded Wheat, MBS.
RAILROAD HOUR (11-19-51) “Jubilee” starring Gordon MacRae with Dorothy Kirsten in a radio version of the Cole Porter-Moss Hart musical about a royal family masquerading as commoners. Association of American Railroads, NBC.
LIGHTS OUT (12-1-42) “Mr. Maggs” is Arch Oboler’s story about a man who purchases a locked chest at an auction and finds dried blood inside! Ironized Yeast, CBS.


On September 21, 1939, station WJSV/Washington DC recorded their entire day of broadcasting for the National Archives, from the sign-on to sign-off, and everything in between — including disc jockeys, soap operas, baseball, band remotes, and even a speech from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. During the summer and autumn, Radio’s Golden Age will take you through that entire broadcast day, as it was heard 75 years ago. (All times listed are Eastern Standard Time.)


COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 5:59 am - 7:30 am) WJSV, 1460 AM, owned and operated by the Columbia Broadcasting System, begins its broadcast day with Sundial, a program of recorded melodies (and one pause for “technical adjustments”) with morning man Arthur Godfrey.


COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 7:30 am - 9:00 am) The last hour of Sundial leads into Arthur Godfrey hosting the transcribed Certified Magic Carpet and an isolated episode of the soap opera Bachelor’s Children.


COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 9:00 am - 9:30 am) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with two daytime dramas: Pretty Kitty Kelly and Myrt and Marge.
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (12-7-47) Jack takes a violin lesson from Professor LeBlanc (Mel Blanc). Lucky Strike Cigarettes, NBC.
CISCO KID (1953) “The Double Frame-Up” stars Jack Mather as Cisco. A man plans to frame a pardoned convict for murder. Butter-Nut Bread, Syndicated.


BROADWAY IS MY BEAT (8-25-49) Larry Thor stars as Detective Danny Clover. A novelist is found starved to death in a room filled with food. Sustaining, CBS.
CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW (9-21-47) Guests Walt Disney and Donald Duck (Clarence Nash) discuss their new film, Fun and Fancy Free. Chase and Sanborn, NBC. Read the article about Walt Disney in the Summer 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 9:30 am - 10:00 am) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with the daytime dramas Hilltop House and Kay Fairchild, Stepmother.


MILTON BERLE SHOW (10-21-47) It’s a “Salute to Health,” with Jack Albertson, Mary Shipp, Pert Kelton, announcer Frank Gallop. Philip Morris Cigarettes, NBC.
WEIRD CIRCLE (1-14-45) “The Duel Without Honor,” Alexander Dumas’ story about a soldier who loses his love. Syndicated.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 10:00 am - 10:30 am) Robert Trout reports on “Europe’s War,” followed by recipes from The Mary Lee Taylor Program and the daytime drama Brenda Curtis.


THE WHISTLER (1-29-50) “Burden of Guilt” starring David Ellis, Vivi Janiss. A man becomes embroiled in murder after embezzling money from a Mexican businessman. Signal Oil, CBS.
BLONDIE (5-27-45) Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake star as Blondie and Dagwood. Blondie invites a socialite to the house for tea. AFRS rebroadcast.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 10:30 am - 11:00 am) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with the daytime dramas Big Sister and Aunt Jenny’s True Life Stories.


COMMAND PERFORMANCE (recorded 10-24-42) Mistress of ceremonies Linda Darnell welcomes Zero Mostel, Red Skelton, and Virginia O’Brien. AFRS. Read the article about Virginia O’Brien in the Summer 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
THE SHADOW (12-12-37) “The Death Triangle” starring Orson Welles. A murderer escapes from Devil’s Island and sends death threats to three former prisoners. Blue Coal, MBS.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 11:00 am - 11:30 am) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with Jean Abbey hosting Woman’s Home Companion and the daytime drama When A Girl Marries.

GUNSMOKE (9-26-53) “Fawn” Starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon. A woman comes to Dodge City after spending ten years on a reservation. Sustaining, CBS. Read the article about Gunsmoke in the Spring 2014 issue of Nostalgia Digest.
FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY (10-22-40) Jim and Marian Jordan star as the McGees, who find their neighbor’s diary. Johnson’s Wax, NBC.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 11:30 am - 12:00 pm) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with the daytime dramas The Romance of Helen Trent and Our Gal Sunday.


OUR MISS BROOKS (7-17-49) Eve Arden stars as Connie Brooks. Principal Conklin (Gale Gordon) has a plan to raise money for a statue. Colgate-Palmolive, CBS.
ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE (1-26-51) “The Chateau McCloud Caper” starring Steve Dunne as Spade with Lurene Tuttle as Effie. The detective investigates a murder at a wealthy man’s winter home. Sustaining, NBC.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with the daytime dramas The Goldbergs and Life Can Be Beautiful.


SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (1-4-43) “Suspicion” starring Joan Fontaine, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce in a radio version of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1941 film, about a newlywed who suspects her husband may be a murderer. Lady Esther Products, CBS.
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (4-29-45) Harold Peary stars as Gildy, who is eager to befriend his new neighbor, Rumson Bullard. Kraft, NBC.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with the daytime dramas The Road of Life and This Day Is Ours.


LUM AND ABNER (3-18-35) An isolated episode of the series, with Chester Lauck as Lum and Norris Goff as Abner. Squire Skimp has plans for the boys’ circus. Horlick’s, MBS.
ADVENTURES OF FRANK MERRIWELL (6-12-48) “Tap Day” starring Lawson Zerbe as Frank, who is accused of doping a race horse. Sustaining, NBC.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm) News about President Roosevelt’s upcoming address to Congress and the daytime dramas The Life and Loves of Dr. Susan and Your Family and Mine.


COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 1:45 pm - 3:10 pm) President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech before a special session of Congress, as he asks for a drastic change in U.S. foreign policy.


BILL STERN SPORTS NEWSREEL (11-26-48) From Dallas, Texas, the famous sportscaster has a story about golfers who painted and welcomes guest Frankie Carle. Colgate, NBC.
RED SKELTON SHOW (9-10-46) The Skelton Scrapbook of Satire is devoted to “Vacation Time” with Red as Clem Kadiddlehopper and Junior, the Mean Little Kid. Raleigh Cigarettes, NBC.
COMPLETE BROADCAST DAY (9-21-39; 3:10 pm - 4:00 pm) WJSV’s broadcast day continues with the daytime drama The Career of Alice Blair; the music show Rhythm Romance (hosted by Joe King); and an episode of Scattergood Baines. We’ll continue this complete broadcast day throughout the Autumn on Radio’s Golden Age.

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