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Nostalgia Digest Magazine is a 64-page quarterly publication filled with articles about the "Golden Age" of radio, television, movies, and music, written by those who lived it and those who love it! For more than 40 years, Nostalgia Digest Magazine has provided readers with an entertaining, educational look at life and popular culture during the first half of the 20th century (and sometimes beyond).

In addition, every issue of Nostalgia Digest includes a three-month schedule for Those Were the Days, our weekly old-time radio show hosted by Digest publisher Steve Darnall and heard every Saturday afternoon (1:00-5:00 p.m. CST) on WDCB-FM (and on the internet at www.wdcb.org). You'll find a complete listing of the old-time radio programs heard every week on Those Were The Days, including original broadcast dates, titles of stories, names of stars and supporting players, and a line or two describing each show. It's exclusive to Nostalgia Digest and a perfect complement to the stories, subjects and stars we cover in every issue--and now, Nostalgia Digest also includes the program listings for Carl Amari's Radio Theatre!

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In the Spring 2018 Nostalgia Digest:

    • A "Dandy" cover story about the remarkable career of JAMES CAGNEY
    • Romance, murder, food allergies: Recalling the golden age of radio soap operas
    • FATS WALLER, the bubbling bundle of joy
    • From Charlie Chaplin to Clint Eastwood: When Actors Become Directors!
    • EDDIE CANTOR goes to war
    • Novelist MAX ALLAN COLLINS discusses plans for the unpublished work of the great MICKEY SPILLANE
    • A complete listing for Steve Darnall's Those Were The Days--and Carl Amari's Radio Theatre!
    • PLUS: Our Necrology for 2017; memories of Burma-Shave signs; more!


To order by U.S. Mail, send check or credit card information to Funny Valentine Press, P.O. Box 25734, Chicago, IL 60625 or you can call or fax your information to us at (773) 769-6575.

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Nostalgia Digest-Spring 2018.jpg NDM - Current Issue
#NDM-Current Issue
Current Issue

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Nostalgia Digest-Winter 2018.jpg Back Issue: WINTER 2018
#BI-Winter 2018

The radio career of JACK BENNY; An 85th anniversary celebration of KING KONG; the story of Get Smart, television's spy spoof; the life of FRANK LOVEJOY; how Lon Chaney Jr. entered THE INNER SANCTUM; the career of PAULETTE GODDARD; Hawaii Calls, the radio show that brought Hawaii to America; flying on the air with Uncle Ned's Squadron; a few moments with PEGGY KING; more!

Nostalgia Digest-Autumn 2017.jpg Back Issue: AUTUMN 2017
#BI-Autumn 17

The life and career of the "World's Greatest Entertainer," AL JOLSON! Plus, The creaking door of radio's Inner Sanctum; CHAPLIN, KEATON, FIELDS, ROGERS and the comedy stars of 1917; the films of OTTO PREMINGER; the man they called "Mr. Radio," ELLIOTT LEWIS; a tale of Chicago and World War II; CHUCK SCHADEN recalls his Memory Club Movie series; a few moments with TIPPI HEDREN; more! FEWER THAN TEN COPIES IN STOCK!

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Nostalgia Digest-Spring 2017 cover.jpg Back Issue: SPRING 2017
#BI-Spring 2017

A look at the wonderful screen team of WILLIAM POWELL and MYRNA LOY; a birthday salute to DORIS DAY; television's unlikeliest star, GEORGE GOBEL; the World Champion (1908) Chicago Cubs; America's greatest crime buster, DICK TRACY; the career of announcer HARLOW WILCOX; our NECROLOGY FOR 2016; a few moments with actress EVELYN RUDIE; more!

Nostalgia Digest-Autumn 2016.jpg Back Issue: AUTUMN 2016

Celebrating the 100th birthday of KIRK DOUGLAS; the great DICK VAN DYKE goes home; the publisher who gave us NANCY DREW and THE HARDY BOYS; an in-depth look at radio on December 7, 1941; the energetic career of EDDIE CANTOR; a look at television in 1956; a few moments with CORKY HALE; more! FEWER THAN TEN COPIES IN STOCK!

Nostalgia Digest-Summer 2016.jpg Back issue: SUMMER 2016

GEORGE BURNS and GRACIE ALLEN and the missing brother that made them famous; the gentleman gangster, EDWARD G. ROBINSON; the remarkable music of JOHNNY MERCER; the movie career of THE THREE MUSKETEERS; the career of actor CORNEL WILDE; memories of eating at the Automat; The WILDE TWINS and how they made their Hollywood dreams come true; a few moments with actress CHARLOTTE RAE; more!

Nostalgia Digest-Spring 2016 issue.jpg Back Issue: SPRING 2016
The remarkable life and career of the king of the singing cowboys, GENE AUTRY; the strange saga of BATMAN on radio; radio's top comedians on television; the career of GREGORY PECK; our NECROLOGY FOR 2015; a few moments with NORMAN LLOYD; more!

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Nostalgia Digest-Winter 2016 cover.jpg Back issue: WINTER 2016
#BI-Winter 2016

The man they called "Schnozzola," the great JIMMY DURANTE; the tumultuous life and career of INGRID BERGMAN; how JOHN WAYNE got his start; the history of Flexible Flyer sleds; TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES on radio; CAPTAIN KANGAROO on television; a few moments with DICK CAVETT; memories of Chicago's Southtown Theatre; more! FEWER THAN TEN COPIES IN STOCK!