Vic and Sade DOWNLOAD


Includes All Three Original Volumes And Printable PDF of CD Covers And Liners
Radio’s Homefolks, written by Paul Rhymer. Starring Art Van Harvey as Vic, Bernardine Flynn as Sade, Billy Idelson as Rush, Clarence Hartzell as Uncle Fletcher.
VIC AND SADE Volume 1 Rush starts a scrap drive for the war effort. (5-6-42); Uncle Fletcher shows washrag collection to Rush. (1940); Mr.Gumpox’s horse’s sister dies. (1940); Rush gets a bad haircut from Smelly Clark. (11-20-42); Calling Fred Stembottom “Ted.” (9-18-42); Petition to tear down the Bright Kentucky Hotel. (1942); Noises in Mrs. Donohue’s attic. (11-19-45); Edith and Vernon Corkell visit the Gooks. (11-20-45); The Gooks plan to visit the Stembottoms. (11-21-45); Uncle Fletcher plans to sleep in the Courthouse yard. (11-23-45) VIC AND SADE Volume 2 Homer McDancy’s book for wives of lodge members. (2-16-41); Rush plans a party. (1938); Vic’s business lunch at the Tea Shoppe. (3-12-42); Sade wants to visit Cardberry. (1942); Sade plans a gathering and ice cream. (1-4-43); Vic sleeps on the couch while Uncle Fletcher visits. (1-24-44); Gas meter reader thinks he’s going to get fired. (11-26-45); Interruptions for Sade while cleaning the attic. (11-27-45); Many phone calls for Uncle Fletcher. (11-29-45); Rush is on a secret mission. (11-30-45) VIC AND SADE Volume 3 Hank Gutstop invites Vic to dinner. (3-1-44); Vic and Sade play Rummy. (2-3-44); Vic’s dinner guest. (10-11-43); Sade’s Thimble Club meeting. (10-27-43); Three strangers in the alley. (8-20-44); Uncle Fletcher’s new job. (3-7-44); A slow, dull, tiresome evening. (12-3-45); The gas meter reader drops in. (12-4-45); Mrs. Harris and Dwight Twentysixler are getting married. (12-5-45); Thimble Club ladies are in the living room. (12-6-45); Sacred Stars of the Milky Way convention. Last show of the series. (12-7-45)