40th Anniversary Program Those Were The Days


(4 hours on 4 Compact Discs)

Celebrating 40 years of Those Were The Days, host Steve Darnall and former host Chuck Schaden reminisce with clips from past programs. Many new segments and skits with guest actors Tim Kazurinsky and Ben Hollis, and music from Robbie Fulks and the West End Jazz Band.

DISC 1:Steve Darnall's favorite moment; July 4,2009; Chuck Schaden/Vic and Sade; West End Jazz Band; Speaking of Radio: The Jack Benny Program.

DISC 2:Salute to Bob & Ray: Hard Luck Stories; Robbie Fulks; Ken Alexander: One Man's Family; December 7,1991.

DISC 3:Ken Alexander: Bergen & McCarthy; Tim Kazurinsky and Ben Hollis; X Minus One; Yesterday's Newspaper; Fibber McGee and The Good Old Days of Radio.

DISC 4:Ken Alexander: Bergen and Snerd; Salute to Bob & Ray: Slow Talkers; TWTD Interviews; Ken Alexander "As Time Goes By"; Steve Darnall and The West End Jazz Band; October 31,2009; Program Closing.