Jack Benny and World War II


(6 hours on 6 Compact Discs)

JACK BENNY AND WORLD WAR II–Specially selected remote broadcasts from military bases during WW II: (12-7-41) Program interrupted by civil defense and war bulletins; (10-11-42) From Army Air Base at Santa Ana, California, with guest Barbara Stanwyck; (10-18-42) Jack donates his Maxwell to the war effort; (11-15-42) Jack becomes a house-husband while Mary gets a job in a defense plant. Dorothy Lamour guests; (11-29-42) Three Men in a Tank; (10-10-43) Jack’s back from a three-month overseas tour; (1-23-44) Guest is Alexis Smith; (2-6-44) Jack recalls his WW I Navy duty; (3-14-44) Jack gives income tax advice to Dennis; (4-23-44) supporting Canada’s Sixth Victory Loan; (11-19-44) Larry Adler guests for show at Carona, California Naval Hospital; (4-8-44) From Tunney General Hospital in Palm Springs with guest William Powell.