Rochester on Radio


(6 hours on 6 Compact Discs)

ROCHESTER ON RADIO– a selection of hilarious Eddie Anderson appearances on the air featuring: JACK BENNY PROGRAM (11-24-46) Jack and Rochester have trouble getting the Maxwell started. Edward G. Robinson guests in a Benny version of the film, “The Killers.” JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-28-37) Jack and the gang are on the train going to Hollywood after their stay in New York. The porter on the train is played by Eddie Anderson, making his first appearance on the Benny program. MAIL CALL #94 (6-2-44) Dinah Shore hosts a salute to GIs from the state of Georgia with Bob Hope, Maria Montez, Carlos Rameriz, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Pied Pipers, Mel Blanc. JACK BENNY PROGRAM (6-6-37) Jack is upset because he has lost the diamond wristwatch that he got from Phil Harris for Christmas Eddie Anderson makes his second appearance on the Benny program. FRED ALLEN SHOW (6-8-47) Eddie “Rochester” Anderson wants to be Fred’s summer replacement. They join to present a “One Long Pan” mystery, “I Stand Condemned.” JACK BENNY PROGRAM (6-20-37) The gang joins Jack at Paramount Pictures on the set of his new film, “Artists and Models.” Eddie Anderson is called Rochester for the first time on the Benny program. RADIO’S BIGGEST SHOW (1946) Bob Hope heads an all-star cast in this special hour-long program celebrating the 45th anniversary of Walgreen Drug Stores. Cast includes Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Frank Morgan, Ginny Simms, Andrews Sisters, Dennis Day, Vera Vague, Eddy Duchin, Harry Von Zell. JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-17-46) Jack’s birthday was last week, his violin lesson is today, and Rochester turns up after being lost at sea for two days. GI JOURNAL #87 (4-23-45) Jack Benny is Editor in Chief. The “staff” includes Paulette Goddard, Ginny Simms, Mel Blanc, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, and Arthur Treacher who takes Rochester’s place as Benny’s butler. JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-12-50) Jack is staying at the Acme Plaza while he’s doing his program from New York. In the absence of the Sportsmen Quartet, Rochester suggests the Ink Spots do the Lucky Strike commercial. JACK BENNY PROGRAM (12-3-50) Preparing for an interview, Jack remembers his version of how he met Rochester, who used to work for Amos ‘n’ Andy, who are guests on this program.