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Arthur Godfrey Centennial


(4 hours on 4 Compact Discs)

Chuck Schaden presents an ARTHUR GODFREY CENTENNIAL 1903 – 2003
ARTHUR GODFREY TIME (1-13-47) Arthur honors the 1947 All-American Esquire Jazz Award winners Billie Holiday and Teddy Wilson. Also: Jeanette Davis, Archie Blyer and the orchestra, announcer Tony Marvin. THIS IS THE STORY (10-21-45) Arthur Godfrey narrates the true story of Barnaby Goodchild, from Walter Kerr’s musical “Sing Out Sweet Land.” Burl Ives. TALENT SCOUTS (9-26-49) Arthur introduces the talent, which includes a ladies barbershop quartet, The Chordettes and comedian Wally Cox. FDR FUNERAL PROCESSION (4-14-45) Arthur Godfrey describes the funeral procession of President Roosevelt in Washington, D.C. He says, “God give me strength to do this” as the president’s coffin approaches. ARTHUR GODFREY TIME (10-19-53) Excerpt as singer Julius LaRosa makes his “swan song” on the Godfrey program. ARTHUR GODFREY SHOW (3-28-69) At the beginning of his regular pre-recorded program, Arthur presents a live, six-minute tribute to President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who died earlier that day. The CBS network joins his regular show in progress. Richard Hayes, The Satisfyers.