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Don McNeill's Breakfast Club DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover and Liner
Chuck Schadenís Those Were The Days program (6-26-93) presents a 60th Anniversary salute to the popular morning radio series that premiered on June 23, 1933. Includes: The Don McNeill Story from 6-22-53, an ABC Radio documentary acknowledging the 20th anniversary of McNeillís Breakfast Club, hosted by Dennis James and featuring Johnny Desmond, Peggy Taylor, Sam Cowling, Fran Allison, Joe E. Brown, Peter Donald and others; The Breakfast Club 20th Anniversary broadcast (6-23-53) from the Morrison Hotel in Chicago with all the gang and the regular features: Sunshine Shower, Moment of Silent Prayer, March Time, Fiction and Fact from Samís Almanac, a visit from Aunt Fanny; and the complete final broadcast of the series (12-27-68) from the Allerton Hotel in Chicago as Don and the gang say good-bye to their listeners after 35 years on the air.