Radio Covers World War II Before Pearl Harbor DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover
WORLD WAR II from 1938–1941– March of Time (2-10-38); Adolf Hitler (9-1-39); CBS News (9-3-39); FDR speaks on the outbreak of war in Europe (9-3-39); Col. Charles A. Lindbergh (9-15-39); Edward R. Murrow (9-17-39); H. V. Kaltenborn (9-21-39); CBS News (12-7-39); FDR State of the Union Address (1-30-40); The World Today news program (7-1-40); Selective Service Lottery (10-29-40); Milwaukee’s First draftee (10-29-40); FDR’s return to Washington after being elected to a third term (11-7-40); Edward R. Murrow (12-31-40); Elmer Davis reports (12-31-40); World News Today (4-4-41); Walter Winchell (5-18-41); Columbia Covers the War (6-1-41); United Press On The Air (6-7-41); The World Today (12-6-41).