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Complete 4 Hour Program Program #2713 November 5, 2022 For 35 years, Ken Alexander was the announcer, "newsman," permanent guest host, and man of many voices on Those Were the Days. Following the news of Ken's passing on November 2, 2022, Those Were the Days host Steve Darnall and founder Chuck Schaden came together on Saturday, November 5 to celebrate his memory. This special broadcast features numerous clips from Ken's four-decade association with Those Were the Days, as well as messages from some of his many admirers — and recollections from two friends who were proud to know him. Show Opening, Ken For Metro Golden Memories, Zephyr Excerpt, TWTD 35th Anniversary, “Eating Downtown”TWTD 45th Anniversary, The Ink Spots and Peter Lorre, Recollections at 50, “Musical Tribute”, Those Were the Days 4-6-2019, 10-30-2003, 7-20-2002, 12-27-2008, Yesterday’s Newspaper (1-6-1948)