Fibber McGee & Molly Vol. 2 DOWNLOAD


(2 Hours on 2 CDs) CLEANING THE HALL CLOSET (6-5-45)Expecting a visit from wealthy Mrs. Carstairs, Molly begins cleaning the hall closet but Fibber insists he do the job. As visitors drop by, Fibber and Molly reminisce about items from the closet. TROLLEY CAR PRIZE (11-1-49) The Wistful Vista Trolley Car Company offers a prize for the best suggestions to improve the business and Fibber has an idea on how to get the prize. UNCLE SYCAMORE McGEE (4-13-43) On the first show of the 9th season, Fibber is trying frantically to repair his radio so he can hear a program about his Uncle Sycamore. COLLECTING A DEBT (2-24-48) Fibber gets a neighbor to use his short-wave radio to contact an old friend in Manilla to collect a $7.00 debt.