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GREAT GILDERSLEEVE starring Harold Peary and Willard Waterman as Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve in 12 episodes from the long-running series. Harold Peary as Gildy: JANUARY 10, 1943 The McGees of Wistful Vista pay a visit to the Gildersleeve home in Summerfield. JANUARY 17, 1943 The Water Commissioner is excited about his first public appearance as a speaker at the Summerfield Women’s Club. JUNE 18, 1944 Gildy opposes Mayor Terwilliger in the upcoming primary election. NOVEMBER 5, 1944 On the eve of the national election, the hottest topic of conversation in Summerfield is the mayoral race. FEBRUARY 17, 1946 Leroy has the flu and his Uncle Throckmorton offers tender, loving care. LADY ESTHER SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS (1940s) “Gildersleeve’s Bad Day” starring Harold Peary. Gildy serves on the jury for a bank robbery case in Judge Hooker’s court. JUNE 14, 1950 In his final appearance as Gildersleeve, Harold Peary prepares to take his family for a vacation on a house-boat. Willard Waterman as Gildy: SEPTEMBER 6, 1950 Willard Waterman’s first appearance as Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve who, returning from vacation, learns that Marjorie’s husband has a black-eye. OCTOBER 4, 1950 Gildy has been appointed chairman of the Summerfield Community Chest fund drive and Leroy is going to be the quarterback in the benefit football game. OCTOBER 11, 1950 If Summerfield gets a new mayor, will Gildy lose his job as water commissioner? OCTOBER 18, 1950 Gildy decides to buy a new suit and to fashion a new image to go with it. OCTOBER 25, 1950 Gildy is hopeful that he will be named to the “Sons of Summerfield” lodge.