Amos 'N' Andy DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover
AMOS 'N' ANDY- Radio’s all-time favorites in a dozen classic comedy broadcasts: THE SUREFIRE INVESTMENT (12-8-44); MAIL ORDER BRIDE (12-15-44) ; INCOME TAX PROBLEMS (3-2-45); MORE TAX PROBLEMS (3-9-45); ANTIQUE DESK (1-12-45); ANDY GETS ADOPTED (2-23-45); ANDY PLAYS SOLDIER (2-9-45); SAPPHIRE’S OLD BOYFRIEND (2-23-45); ANDY BUYS A CABIN (3-18-45); RAFFLE TICKET (5-25-48); FOUNTAIN PEN AGENCY (12-1-44); THE $500 REWARD (4-4-48)