Stars On Suspense DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover
STARS ON SUSPENSE features our biggest stars in radio’s outstanding theatre of thrills: EVE ARDEN in The Well-Dressed Corpse (1-18-51); LUCILLE BALL in The Ten Grand (6-22-44); BETTE DAVIS in Good Night Mrs. Russell (10-20-49); KIRK DOUGLAS in Story of Markham’s Death (10-2-47); FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY in Back Seat Driver (2-22-51); CARY GRANT in Black Path of Fear (3-3-46); BOB HOPE in Death Has a Shadow (5-5-49); DANNY KAYE in I Never met the Dead Man (1-5-50); BURT LANCASTER in The Big Shot (9-9-48); AGNES MOOREHEAD in The Thirteenth Sound (2-13-47); RED SKELTON in Search for Isabel (11-3-47); JAMES STEWART in Consequences (5-19-49)