Great Detective Shows Vol.1 DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover

GREAT DETECTIVE SHOWS from the Golden Age of Network Radio Volume 1 BULLDOG DRUMMOND (1940s) A Ride in the Moonlight; ELLERY QUEEN (3-27-43) Adventure of the Circus Train; THE FAT MAN (10-3-47) A Window for Murder; NICK CARTER, MASTER DETECTIVE (8-15-48) Case of the Professional Beggar; MAN CALLED X (9-30-44) Thurston travels to India to deliver a letter; PHILIP MARLOWE (1-8-49) The Restless Day; RICHARD DIAMOND (2-9-51) Blue Serge Suit; SAM SPADE (8-8-48) Bluebeard Caper; THE SHADOW (1-19-41) The Shadow Challenged; SHERLOCK HOLMES (1933) The Final Problem; THIN MAN (10-10-43) 10th wedding anniversary mix-up leads to murder; YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (4-4-50) Big Red Schoolhouse Matter.