Comics On Suspense DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover
COMICS ON SUSPENSE features funny folks in serious roles on radio’s outstanding theatre of thrills: Jack Benny in PLAN X (2-2-53); Henry Morgan in DREAM SONG (11-6-47); Ozzie and Harriet Nelson in GOING, GOING, GONE (11-23-50); Jack Carson in EASY MONEY (11-7-46); Eddie Cantor in DOUBLE ENTRY (12-22-49); Phil Harris and Alice Faye in DEATH ON MY HANDS (5-10-51); Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in REDHEADED WOMAN (11-17-49); Milton Berle in RAVE NOTICE (10-12-50); William Bendix in THREE FACES AT MIDNIGHT (2-27-47); Ozzie and Harriet Nelson in TOO LITTLE TO LIVE ON (12-26-47); Eddie Bracken in ELWOOD (3-6-47); Jack Benny in MURDER IN G FLAT (4-5-51)