Jack Benny's Holiday Shows DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover

JACK BENNY’S HOLIDAY SHOWS– A year’s worth of holidays with Jack and the gang: EASTER (4-10-55) Jack and Mary stroll down Wilshire Boulevard; THANKSGIVING (11-23-47) Jack buys a live turkey; (11-30-47) Jack on trial for Turkey-murder; CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SHOWS (12-21-47) Shoe laces for Don Wilson; (12-17-50) Golf tees for Don; (12-2-51) Cuff links for Don; (12-14-52) Gopher Trap for Don; (12-13-53) Palm Spring dates for Don; (12-5-54) Art supplies for Don; HAPPY NEW YEAR (1-2-44) Annual play, The New Tenant; (1-1-50) Jack has a date on New Year’s Eve.