Jack Benny and World War II DOWNLOAD


Download includes all programs and PDF of Original Album Cover

JACK BENNY AND WORLD WAR II–Specially selected remote broadcasts from military bases during WW II: (12-7-41) Program interrupted by civil defense and war bulletins; (10-11-42) From Army Air Base at Santa Ana, California, with guest Barbara Stanwyck; (10-18-42) Jack donates his Maxwell to the war effort; (11-15-42) Jack becomes a house-husband while Mary gets a job in a defense plant. Dorothy Lamour guests; (11-29-42) Three Men in a Tank; (10-10-43) Jack’s back from a three-month overseas tour; (1-23-44) Guest is Alexis Smith; (2-6-44) Jack recalls his WW I Navy duty; (3-14-44) Jack gives income tax advice to Dennis; (4-23-44) supporting Canada’s Sixth Victory Loan; (11-19-44) Larry Adler guests for show at Carona, California Naval Hospital; (4-8-44) From Tunney General Hospital in Palm Springs with guest William Powell.