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Vic and Sade - VOLUME 2


(2 hours on 2 Compact Discs)

VIC AND SADE Volume 2 – Radio’s Homefolks, written by Paul Rhymer. Starring Art Van Harvey as Vic, Bernardine Flynn as Sade, Billy Idelson as Rush, Clarence Hartzell as Uncle Fletcher. Homer McDancy’s book for wives of lodge members. (2-16-41); Rush plans a party. (1938); Vic’s business lunch at the Tea Shoppe. (3-12-42); Sade wants to visit Cardberry. (1942); Sade plans a gathering and ice cream. (1-4-43); Vic sleeps on the couch while Uncle Fletcher visits. (1-24-44); Gas meter reader thinks he’s going to get fired. (11-26-45); Interruptions for Sade while cleaning the attic. (11-27-45); Many phone calls for Uncle Fletcher. (11-29-45); Rush is on a secret mission. (11-30-45)