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Nostalgia Digest Podcast CD - 2016


(more than 13 hours on one compact disc)

A collection of 12 mp3 files, chronicling the fifth year of the Nostalgia Digest Podcast, with classic personalities and sounds from the Golden Age of Radio! JANUARY: Celebrating the Golden Age of Hollywood with the NORTHWEST CHICAGO FILM SOCIETY; FEBRUARY: The radio career of THE SHADOW; MARCH: Radio's most famous clown, RED SKELTON; APRIL: The voice of Betty Rubble and Gertrude Gearshift, actress BEA BENADERET; MAY: Author Walter Podrazik examines the "Golden Age" of television; JUNE: Radio's longest-running crimefighter, MR. KEEN, TRACER OF LOST PERSONS; JULY: The one, the only GROUCHO MARX; AUGUST: A look at ERNEST HEMINGWAY's Hollywood "career"; SEPTEMBER: The career of DICK POWELL, hard-boiled heart-throb; OCTOBER: How FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY left Chicago for Hollywood and took Wistful Vista with them; NOVEMBER: We examine HEROES ON DECK, a documentary about Chicago's role in World War II; DECEMBER: Our gigantic FIFTH ANNIVERSARY PODCAST, featuring highlights from the past and some special guests from the present

PLEASE NOTE: This CD contains mp3 files and will not play on "standard" compact disc players.