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Chuck Schaden's Retirement Party


(4 hours on 4 Compact Discs)

After slightly more than 39 years as host and producer of Those Were The Days, Chuck Schaden brings to a close his Radio Days on the program of June 27, 2009.
DISC 1–1.Bruce Oscar’s Dedication to Chuck; 2.TWTD Show Opening; 3.Origin of Yesterday’s Newspaper; 4.TWTD Radio Players –”Lone Ranger”; 5.Village of Morton Grove Recognition; 6.Karl Pearson, Big Band Historian
DISC 2– 1.Bruce DuMont, Museum of Broadcast Communciations; 2.TWTD Musical Memories; 3.Robert Hall Jingle; 4.Shure Inc. Award; 5.Bob Kolososki, Film Historian; 6.Scott Wager, WDCB Station Manager
DISC 3–1.Jim Jordan’s 90th Birthday, 11-16-86; 2.Gale Gordon’s 83rd Birthday, 2-7-89; 3.Les Tremayne’s 84th Birthday, 4-16-97; 4.Les Tremayne’s 85th Birthday, 4-16-98; 5.Daughter’s Fan Letters, 4-29-00; 6.Patty and Sue’s Surprise, 6-27-09; 7.Edward and Jillene Kogan; 8.TWTD Listener Trips/Ken Schaden’s Italy, 2001 Report
DISC 4– 1.Long-time TWTD Sponsors, Underwriters; 2.TWTD Remote Broadcasts; 3.Steve Darnall, “The New Guy”; 4.WDCB Tower Collapse Recap, 7-20-02; 5.Radio Hall of Fame Induction, 11-7-93; 6.Alexander/Littlefield – “Schaden”; 7.Auld Lang Syne and “Thanks for Listening”