Nostalgia Digest Podcast CD - 2015


(over 10 hours on one compact disc)

A collection of 12 mp3 files, chronicling the fourth year of the Nostalgia Digest Podcast—with classic personalities and sounds from the Golden Age of Radio! JANUARY: The show that brought movies to radio: THE LUX RADIO THEATRE; FEBRUARY: The story of RADIO'S AFRICAN-AMERICAN PIONEERS; MARCH: A celebration of Those Were the Days' 45th anniversary with RICH "Svengoolie" KOZ and pianist REGINALD ROBINSON; APRIL: Our conversation with Those Were the Days' founder CHUCK SCHADEN as he looks back on the show he created; MAY: sportscaster PAT HUGHES discusses his CD series of Baseball Voices; JUNE: The pioneering radio career of singer BING CROSBY; JULY: Remembering radio's master of mystery and horror, writer ARCH OBOLER; AUGUST: Remembering CHICAGO'S AIRPORTS with authors Neal Samors and Christopher Lynch; SEPTEMBER: The career of EDDIE CANTOR, the comedian who became one of radio's first (and biggest) stars; OCTOBER: We look at the man who walked by night: THE WHISTLER; NOVEMBER: Author Martin Grams Jr. discusses his book about DUFFY'S TAVERN and the challenges of writing about radio; DECEMBER: The wonderful life and radio career of the great JAMES STEWART

PLEASE NOTE: This CD contains mp3 files and will not play on "standard" compact disc players.