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Nostalgia Digest Podcast CD - 2012


(over 9 hours on one compact disc)

A collection of 12 mp3 files, chronicling the first year of the Nostalgia Digest Podcast—with classic personalities and sounds from the Golden Age of Radio! JANUARY: A conversation with Nostalgia Digest founder CHUCK SCHADEN; FEBRUARY: The radio career of Rex Stout's NERO WOLFE; MARCH: All about EVE ARDEN; APRIL: Producer Steve Parry discusses his documentary about The National Barn Dance; MAY: The remarkable VIC AND SADE, radio's home folks; JUNE: The many men who gave voice to SAM SPADE; JULY: A visit to the Theatre Historical Society; AUGUST: Talking about the new Museum of Broadcast Communications with Museum president Bruce Dumont; SEPTEMBER: The comedy legacy of ABBOTT & COSTELLO; OCTOBER: We celebrate the great horror movie hosts and talk with Rich (SVENGOOLIE) Koz; NOVEMBER: Remembering GUNSMOKE, one of radio's first adult westerns; DECEMBER: Author Robert Ledermann recalls CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO!

PLEASE NOTE: This CD contains mp3 files and will not play on "standard" compact disc players.