Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - The Six Dollars Matter


(3 Hrs on 3 Compact Discs)

Six great adventures featuring America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator--as portrayed on radio by six different actors! “The Pericoff Matter” (2-18-49) Stars Charles Russell in the first episode of the series. Dollar travels to Ohio to investigate a murder and finds his hotel room is occupied by a man using his name. Cast includes John Dehner. Sustaining, CBS. “The Dead First Helpers” (4-11-50) Stars Edmund O’Brien as Dollar, who is sent to Pittsburgh to investigate a series of deaths at a steel mill. Cast includes Junius Matthews, Raymond Burr, Jack Kruschen, Joe Forte, Peggy Webber. Sustaining, CBS. “The Terrified Twan Matter” (3-9-54) Stars John Lund as Dollar, who travels to Malayia after a rubber tycoon claims to have received a threatening letter. Cast includes Bill Johnstone, Virginia Gregg, Howard McNear. Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum, CBS. “The Big Scoop Matter” (11-11-56) Starring Bob Bailey. Dollar is called in when a newspaper reporter with a large life insurance policy is murdered while on the trail of a gambling syndicate. Cast includes Virginia Gregg, Les Tremayne. Sustaining, CBS. “The Ring of Death Matter” (3-12-61) Stars Bob Readick as Dollar, who travels to Mexico to stop a washed-up fighter from taking part in a fatal boxing match. Cast includes Mandel Kramer, Robert Dryden, Joan Loring. Participating sponsors, CBS. “The Top Secret Matter” (3-4-62) Starring Mandel Kramer as Dollar, who heads out west to investigate a series of explosions at a top secret rocket fuel research laboratory. With Melville Ruick, Court Benson, Frank Campanella. Sustaining, CBS.