Till Death Do Us Part in Seven Parts


3 hours on 3 Compact Discs

TILL DEATH DO US PART in Seven Parts Seven different classic radio mystery dramas, each with the same title. 1. SUSPENSE (12-15-42) Peter Lorre stars as a jealous husband who plans the perfect murder. 2. INNER SANCTUM (10-16-45) Ann Shepherd and Larry Haines as a newlywed couple who witness a murder on their wedding night. 3. THE SHADOW (3-6-49) Bret Morrison stars as Lamont Cranston. A woman fears her husband is planning to have her killed... just as he had his first wife killed. 4. LET GEORGE DO IT (1-24-49) Bob Bailey as detective George Valentine who is asked to investigate a suspected marriage-for-money between a 42-year-old spinster and a 30-year-old ballroom dancer. 5. THE WHISTLER (4-14-48) In a bar, a down-on-his-luck man meets a woman who offers him a drink and a $5,000 proposal. 6. THEATRE FIVE (4-6-65) A married woman and her golf pro boyfriend have plans to be together forever. 7. SUSPENSE (11-5-61) A man decides his wife should die because she keeps getting on his nerves.