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Remembering Fred Allen


(4 hours on 4 Compact Discs)

Chuck Schadenís Those Were The Days program (6-28-08) salutes comedian Fred Allen with a radio showcase of classic Allen performances: BIOGRAPHY IN SOUND (5-029-56) A Portrait of Fred Allen narrated by Jack Haley and featuring the personal recollections of Jack Benny, Tallulah Bankhead, Edgar Bergen, Jimmy Durante, Harry Von Zell, the Allenís Alley cast and many others: COMEDY THEATRE (1-21-45) The Show-Off starring Fred Allen as a boastful, joke-telling braggart and windbag; CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW (11-2-47) Fred isnít much help when he learns that Charlie has a toothache; SCREEN DIRECTORSí PLAYHOUSE (2-17-50) Itís In the Bag starring Fred in a radio version of his movie comedy about a gambler looking for an inheritance from a relative who has been murdered; FRED ALLEN SHOW (6-26-49) Guests Henry Morgan and Jack Benny join Fred on the final broadcast of his own series. PLUS: Ken Alexander with Yesterdayís Newspaper.