The Shadow


(6 hours on 6 Compact Discs)

THE SHADOW– Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! A dozen episodes: CHESS CLUB MURDERS (2-23-41); DEATH TO THE SHADOW (3-12-44); THE LITTLE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE (4-8-45); DEATH IS A COLORED DREAM (9-26-48); WHEN THE GRAVE IS OPEN (9-17-47); HOUSE OF FUN (10-22-39); TERROR AT WOLF’S HEAD KNOLL (2-15-48); THE GHOST BUILDING (1-12-41); STAKE OUT (3-14-48); NURSERY RHYME MURDERS (2-22-48); THE SILENT AVENGER (3-20-38); BONES OF THE DRAGON (1-11-48)