The Ultimate Frankenstein


(4 hours on 4 Compact Discs)

THE ULTIMATE FRANKENSTEIN – Presenting FRANKENSTEIN, the original radio serial from 1931. George Edwards stars as Baron Victor Frankenstein, who tells the terrifying story of the horror he has unleashed in the world: a monster who delights in taking human life. A rarely-heard vintage radio dramatization in 13 episodes. PLUS two more versions of the Mary Shelley classic from radio’s outstanding theatre of thrills: 1. SUSPENSE (11-3-52) “Frankenstein” starring Herbert Marshall as Baron Frankenstein with Joseph Kearns, Paula Winslowe and Paul Frees. Sponsored by AutoLite, CBS. 2. SUSPENSE (6-7-55) “Frankenstein” starring Stacy Harris as the scientist with Herb Butterfield, Vivi Janiss, Barney Phillips. Sustaining, CBS.