Fibber McGee & Molly's Holiday Shows

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(6 hours on 6 Compact Discs)

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY’S HOLIDAY SHOWS– A year’s worth of holidays from Wistful Vista: VALENTINE’S DAY (2-10-42) Molly receives a big box of candy; WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY (2-22-49) Fibber gets caught in a fantastic lie; HALLOWEEN (10-24-39) Fibber plays a prank on Gildy; CHRISTMAS (12-20-38) McGee has finished his holiday shopping; (12-24-40) An unexpected Christmas gift arrives; (12-21-43) Shopping for a Christmas tree; (12-24-46) Fixing broken toys for needy kids; (12-21-48) Fibber tries to find out who sent a Christmas card signed “Elizabeth”; HAPPY NEW YEAR (12-30-35) Celebrating the arrival of the New Year; (1-1-52) New Year’s resolutions.