Well! - Jack Benny Book


Reflections on the Life and career of JACK BENNY
Edited by Michael Leannah

Recommended reading for everyone who enjoys the work of radio’s favorite comedian. A well-written and well-researched collection of rare and delightful essays and personal memories, photos, illustrations and information by more than 20 different writers, including Mr. Benny himself.

Great and little-known stories about America’s Number One comedy star, including the dialog and banter between characters on the Benny show... his films... his Vaudeville days... the women in his life... his work during World War II... how a cheapskate could be so generous.... his feud with Fred Allen... Benny Show bloopers and flubs... the relationship between Jack and Johnny Carson... the births and deaths of the principal characters on the Benny show.... the comic voice of Mary Livingstone... the thousand voices of Mel Blanc... and Jack as an animated cartoon star. Jack himself writes about his adventures in Hollywood and his appearance in Chicago in 1935. Plus lots more, including how you can still find him when you visit today's Waukegan, Illinois.

160 pages, 6x9 soft cover book.

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