Radio's Best Soap Operas V3 (Tape)


2 Hours on 2 Cassettes PORTIA FACES LIFE(11/2/48) A story taken from the heart of every woman who has ever dared to love completely. Instant Postum & 40% Bran Flakes. OUR GAL SUNDAY(9/21/39) The story that asks the question, can a girl from a mining town in the West find happiness as the wife of a wealthy and titled Englishman? Anacin. THE GOLDBERGS(9/21/39) The warm-hearted story of Molly, her husband Jake, their children Rosalie and Sammy, and Uncle David. Oxydol. WOMAN IN WHITE(6/7/44) The story of nurses and the doctors and the patients they serve. Betty Crocker Vegetable Soup. BACKSTAGE WIFE(8/10/45) The story of Mary Noble, a sweet young girl from Iowa, who married Broadway’s most handsome actor Larry Noble, dream sweetheart of a million other women. Energene Cleaning Fluid. YOUNG WIDDER BROWN(1955) The story of the age-old conflict between a mother’s duty and a woman’s heart. Unsponsored. STRANGE ROMANCE OF EVELYN WINTERS(2/28/45) The story of a playwrite who suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself the guardian of a girl fifteen years younger than him. Sweetheart Soap. PEPPER YOUNG’S FAMILY(8/10/45) The story of your friends, the Youngs, Sam and Mary, their children Pepper and Peggy, and of the lives they led in the small town of Elmwood. Camay, the Soap of Beautiful Women.