Judy Canova Show (Tape)


2 Hours on 2 Cassettes Singer-comedienne Judy Canova stars with Mel Blanc, Ruby Dandridge, The Sportsmen Quartet.. Four complete network programs as originally broadcast on CBS, featuring original commercials for Colgate Toothpaste, Halo Shampoo, Super Suds. THE BIG DATE (8-24-43) Judy needs a new dress as she anticipates going out on the town with a big movie star. Judy sings "Just Because" and "You Are My Sunshine." ROOM FOR RENT (10-19-43) Pedro wants to sleep in the house, but can't while Judy's trying to rent the room. Judy sings "Pistol Packin' Mama" and "Tears on My Pillow." SCREEN TEST (10-4-47) Judy wants to break into the movies so she's excited about a screen test at Paragon Studios. Judy and Mel Blanc in a "Maw and Paw" sketch. Judy sings "I Ain't Got Nobody" and "Old Love of Mine." ELECTION CAMPAIGN (1-17-48) Guest Eddie Cantor is running for president of the United States and if Judy can get out all the votes in Cactus Junction, he'll promise her a career in motion pictures. Eddie sings a medley of old show biz songs.