Old Time Radio & Dentists (Tape)


2 Hours on 2 Tapes
JACK BENNY PROGRAM (4-6-52) Starring Jack Benny with Mary Livingstone. Mary has a dental appointment and Jack goes along to have his teeth cleaned, but he finds a crazy dentist! FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY (5-25-48) Jim and Marian Jordan star. Molly has a toothache and Fibber wants her to see the dentist. THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (12-6-42) Harold Peary stars as Gildersleeve. Gildy has a toothache, but he's reluctant to go to the dentist. The family thinks he's afraid, but Gildy denies it. AL PEARCE PROGRAM (4-3-40) Pearce as his famous character Elmer Blurt, "the world's greatest low-pressure salesman," this time selling dental supplies to dentists.