Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald (Tape)


2 Hours on 2 Cassettes "NAUGHTY MARIETTA" America's singing sweethearts recreate their screen roles in this radio adaptation of their 1935 film. Jeanette plays a French princess who runs off to America where she falls in love with Nelson, an Indian scout. Jeanette sings "Day by Day" and "Italian Street Song". Nelson sings "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" and "Falling in Love with Someone". The team sings the duet, "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life". Director Cecil B. DeMille is the host. (6/12/44). "MAYTIME" MacDonald and Eddy are reunited on the Lux Radio Theater three months after their success with "Naughty Marietta" in this radio adaptation of their 1937 film. It's the story of the romance between Nelson, a penniless singer, and Jeanette, an opera diva trapped in a loveless marriage to her mentor. Nelson sings "Student Drinking Song" and "Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse". Jeanette sings "Reverie" and "Jewel Song". Together they sing "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" and the great classic "Sweetheart". Director Cecil B. DeMille is host. (9/4/44).