Inner Sanctum V1 (Tape)


2 Hours on 2 Cassettes Good evening, friends of the creeking door! Commercials for Lipton Tea and Soup, Bromo Seltzer. THE UNDEAD (12-18-45) The wife of an actor discovers that her husband is a vampire. Anne Seymour stars. DEAD MANíS HOLIDAY (6-19-45) After a train accident, a man is unable to locate his wife. Then heís told that he has been dead for six years. Myron McCormick stars. DEATH DEMON (7-19-48) After his father has been murdered, a young man tries to summon his fatherís spirit to learn the identity of the murderer. Everette Sloan and Ann Seymour star. SKELETON BAY (1-30-50) A woman on vacation witnesses a murder, then helps the murderer get rid of the body. Charlotte Holland and Martin Gabel star.