First Nighter Program (Tape)

#FN2401 (2 Tape Set)

(2 Hours on 2 Tapes)
"Broadway's buzzing with excitement, and eagerly waiting to welcome an opening night performance in the Little Theatre off Times Square." THREE WHO FACED DEATH (10-25-40) An amnesia victim is followed by a criminal who insists he is her husband and she killed someone. A WRITER IN THE FAMILY (1-29-48) A writer meets a highway surveyor in a romantic comedy about hidden identity. Olan Soule and Barbara Luddy star.THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE AIR (3-11-48) A romantic farce about some very special talents. Olan Soule and Barbara Luddy star. DRINK FOR THE DAMNED (2-5-48) Romantic drama set in the time of King James' Court. Olan Soule and Barbara Luddy with Marvin Miller and Willard Waterman.