Adventures of Superman (Tape)

#SM9001 (3 Tape Set)

(3 Hours on 3 Tapes)
"Mighty visitor from another world who is faster than an airplane, more powerful than a locomotive, able to race a speeding bullet to it's target... it's SUPERMAN! Planet Krypton - Krypton is about to be destroyed by natural causes. A scientist builds a rocket to escape but only his son can be saved. Landing On Earth - The rocket lands on earth and the occupant meets his new family. He assumes the name of Clark Kent and joins a newspaper to observe civilization on earth. The Wolf - Editor Perry White sends Kent out West to investigate a plot to sabotage the railroads. The Yellow Mask - A criminal wants to be the Emperor of the World and dupes a scientist into inventing a weapon that will help him. North Star Mining Company - A plot of illegal stock dealings and murder is foiled by Superman.