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Old Time Radio for Teachers (Tape)

#OTR102 (2 Tape Set)

(2 Hours on 2 Tapes)
OUR MISS BROOKS (9-10-50) Eve Arden stars as English teacher Connie Brooks. Before the fall semester begins, Miss Brooks goes to school early to check out rumors of big changes in the faculty. DUFFY'S TAVERN (1950s) Ed Gardner stars as Archie. Archie's old grammar school teacher -- Miss Theresa Tompkins-- pays him a visit while checking up on her former pupils. "She was the dame that learned me everything that I know." HALLS OF IVY (4-16-52) Starring Ronald and Benita Colman. Two Ivy College teachers have married, in violation of faculty rules. LIFE OF RILEY (1940s) William Bendix as Chester A. Riley. Riley finds out his son Junior is in love with his school teacher!