Old Time Radio for Doctors (Tape)

#OTR101 (2 Tape Set)

(2 Hours on 2 Tapes)
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY (2-15-44) Jim and Marian Jordan star. A handwriting analysis shows that Fibber could be a physician, so he fancies himself as Dr. McGee. DOCTOR CHRISTIAN (1-9-38) Jean Hersholt stars as Dr. Paul Christian. On New Year's Eve, Dr. Christian treats the victim of a hit and run accident. CAVALCADE OF AMERICA (3-22-48) "The President and the Doctor" stars Basil Rathbone as George Washington and Thomas Mitchell as Dr. Samuel Bard in a story about a double crisis in the life of our nation's first president. THE STORY OF DR. KILDARE (2-8-50) Lionel Barrymore and Lew Ayers star as Dr. Leonard Gillespie and Dr. James Kildare. An auto accident victim retreats into a self-protective shell after losing her leg.