Mr. District Attorney (Tape)

#DA2401 (2 Tape Set)

(2 Hours on 2 Tapes)
Jay Jostyn stars as Mr. District Attorney with Len Doyle as Harrington and Vicki Vola as Miss Miller. SPRING FEVER -- May 19, 1948. The D.A. calls out the riot squad when he corners the murderer of a gas station attendant. THE DEADLY SNOWFLAKE -- May 26, 1948. Mr. District Attorney encounters the "code of criminals" when he investigates the murder of a night watchman. MURDER A LA CARTE -- March 9, 1949. A woman kills her husband with an unusual strangle hold. SET UP FOR RE-ENTRY -- October 4, 1954. A deported gangster disguises himself so that he can return to the United States.