Lum & Abner (Tape)

#LA2401 (2 Tape Set)

(2 Hours on 2 Tapes)
Starring Chester Lauck and Norris Goff as Lum Edwards and Abner Peabody, proprietors of the Jot-Em-Down Store in Pine Ridge, Arkansas. Commercials for Frigidare. NOVEMBER 11, 1948 Lum brags about his experience as a cowhand and winds up in a Rodeo bulldogging contest. 1948 Lum pretends he has a broken leg so he can avoid seeing the Widow Abernathy. JANUARY 30, 1949 The boys start their own collection agency business. 1949 Lum tries to borrow some money so he can travel to his lodge convention in Leavenworth, Kansas.