Gangbusters (Tape)

#GB2401 (2 Tape Set)

(2 Hours on 2 Tapes)
"Calling the Police! Calling the G-Men.... Calling all Americans to war on the underworld!" Authentic case histories that show the never-ending activity of the police in their work of protecting our citizens PARK AVENUE PILFERERS (1946) The story of the burglar king and queen who looted New York Cityís most luxurious apartments. Cast includes Arnold Moss and Les Damon. CASE OF THE TENNESSEE TRIGGER MEN (1947) The tale of two couples who were skilled at kidnapping and bank robbery. Cast features Ted DeCorsia and Mercedes McCambridge.HITCH-HIKERSíMURDER VICTIM (1953) On the way home from vacation a carpenter picks up a pair of hitch-hikers. Cast includes Tom Holland, Eileen Palmer and Mason Adams.BURGLARY RING (1952) Good undercover work and a wire tap on a public phone break up a burglary ring. Cast features Bill Lipton and Wendell Holmes.