Al Jolson (Tape)

#AJ2401 (2 Tape Set)

#AJ2401 (2 Tape Set) 3.95 ISBN 1-57816-041-3 The “World’s Greatest Entertainer” in four broadcasts from the Kraft Music Hall, co-starring pianist Oscar Levant and special guests. OCTOBER 16, 1947 Guest Bing Crosby joins Al and Oscar for some nostalgia humor and a great medley of Gershwin songs. SEPTEMBER 30, 1948 Guest Judy Garland pays a visit to the Music Hall as Jolson begins his second season on the air. OCTOBER 21, 1948 There’s no guest in the Music Hall tonight so Al Turns up the house lights to take requests from the audience. APRIL 21, 1949 Guest Jimmy Durante arrives in his usual dynamic style making for some great fun as he and Jolie musically travel around the world.