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Adventures of Sam Spade (Tape)

#SP2401 (2 Tape Set)

Starring Howard Duff and Steven Dunne as Sam Spade. APPLE OF EVE CAPER (6-19-49) Sam gets knocked out while trying to prevent two "ladies" from fighting. Howard Duff stars. FLOPSY, MOPSY AND COTTONTAIL CAPER (1949) Another detective moves in on Sam and gets a job for them at a charity masquerade ball. Howard Duff stars. THE 25/1235679 CAPER (12-15-50) The Russian's number is up! Starring Steve Dunne as Spade. PRODIGAL PANDA CAPER (12-29-50) A young boy asks Sam to help find his lost panda bear, but Spade learns that others are also interested in the stuffed animal. Starring Steve Dunne.