The Shadow Vol. 1 (Tape)

DSD908 (2 Tape Set)

"WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE HEARTS OF MEN? THE SHADOW KNOWS!" WHEN THE GRAVE IS OPEN- (9/17/47) Grave robbers try to force their client into a partnership when they learn of his motives. HOUSE OF FUN- (10/22/39) A business man is kidnapped in a fun house at a carnival. It involves a racket by gangsters. TERROR AT WOLF'S HEAD KNOLL (2-15-48) Lamaont and Margo seek shelter in a mysterious mansion after an accident. A strange doctor treats Margo's sprained ankle THE GHOST BUILDING (1-12-41) Mysterious deaths occur while constructing the world's largest building. The Shadow breaks into a suspect's office and discovers another death. Sponsor: Blue Coal.