Radio in That Wonderful Year 1941


(2 hours on 2 Compact Discs)

RADIO IN 1941– GREEN HORNET (8-16-41) “Paroles for Sale.” The Green Hornet strikes again when a politician uses the Parole board to suit himself. RED SKELTON SHOW (10-7-41) “Policemen” is the topic and Red has some fun spoofing cops. MARCH OF TIME (12-11-41) A “radio newsreel” as the editor of Time Magazine recreat the first week of the United States at war. ONE MAN’S FAMILY (12-28-41) Book 40, Chapter 13, the last program of 1941. On New Year’s Eve, at the end of the year which saw the start of WW II for the U.S., the Barbour family reflects on their fears and concerns for the future.