Radio in That Wonderful Year 1942


(2 hours on 2 Compact Discs)

RADIO IN 1942 THE WHISTLER (9-5-42) "House of Greed." A man, being taken advantage of by his relatives, suspects that he is about to be murdered. ADVENTURES OF RED RYDER (3-5-42) "Trouble at Iron Horse Junction" starring Reed Hadley as Red Ryder with Tommy Cook as Little Beaver. A troublemaker has been paid to cause a buffalo stampede. COMMAND PERFORMANCE #1 (3-1-42) The premier show in the long-running series for military audiences during WW II. Eddie Cantor emcees and introduces singer Bea Wain, comedian Danny Kaye, singer Dinah Shore, actress Merle Oberon, and Bert Gordon as the "Mad Russian." Also presented for servicemen around the world is a recording of Don Dunphy and Bill Corum describing the 1941 Joe Louis-Buddy Baer heavyweight championship fight, won by Louis who knocked out Baer in the first round. NATIONAL BARN DANCE (12-5-42) One year after Pearl Harbor, emcee Joe Kelly presents a patriotic show starring the Hoosier Hot-Shots; LuluBelle and Scotty; the Dinning Sisters; Arkie, the Arkansas Woodchopper; Tom, Dick and Harry; banjoist Eddie Peabody.